Sunday, October 4, 2015


 Aww.. I am feeling so nostalgic right now. I've been looking at some old Facebook posts tracing my boutique's humble beginnings and I found these photos. I was just 23 years old when I started my shop. Young, bold, risk-taker... that's me! I have an overflowing confidence before that I can be successful in this business. Looking back, seeing this picture after our very first photoshoot for Cherryfic Finds, I felt that I can do better than Kamiseta. lol! See! That's overflowing confidence. I really want to be a Kamiseta Girl before. And if you look closely, my style revolved around the Kamiseta dream.  
It was on January 18, 2013 when I formally opened my boutique at Victoria Plaza. It was just a small stall until it became bigger and bigger. I went through a lot difficulties until such time that I finally established my name and opened my own store on October 2013.
Right now, that Kamiseta dream became a Cherryfic Dream. I am my own brand. 
Seeing these old photos of me and looking back, nothing much has changed. I am still purpose-driven  and empowered. 
 Passion, dedication and hard work really pays off. My Davao branch will celebrate it's second anniversary soon. Oh how time flies!
 I can say that I have aged gracefully. I'm now 27 years old and still living my dream. So many new clothes coming this holiday season and I am so sure you will be impressed! I have chosen the most fashionable, elegant and wearable clothes. 

 Cherryfic Finds will move forward and grow bigger. I know all these will happen with God's grace.
Happy Anniversary Davao Branch!




  1. Ang ganda mo naman. Kamuka mo si Bea Alonzo sa first picture. Mukang nakakainspire story ms. Cherry. I like your clothes, hindi ko nga lang kayang dalhin yung palda since bow legged ako.

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