Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Wrong Jeans

Hi everyone! I am highlighting  my denims in this post because we have a denim festival happening right now. Although it is for seasoned brands like Wrangler, Bobson, Freego, etc., you should also consider checking my shop.  If you do not have any idea yet, Cherryfic Finds is selling stretchable high-waist jeans. It is comfortable and high quality. I am using one in this post.



It is very important that we choose the right kind of denim long pants. Women like skinny jeans even if they are not skinny. Who's guilty of that? me! The important thing is that it shouldn't constrict your blood vessels and hamper your blood circulation so please try to get the perfect fit. Because many of us try to fit in a very tight jeans.

Signs that you're wearing the wrong jeans:

1. You can't breathe in every movement.
2. It leaves you red marks and linings on your skin.
3. If it shows your butt crack. :)
4. The zipper always unzips on it's own.
5. Seams are about to burst.
6. You always pull your jeans up.

If you experience some of these, give up on the size or try fitting another pair of jeans.

I hope this post will help you guys. We have different bodies and good thing is there are many types and sizes of jeans as well. Know your type of jeans and the perfect fit. 

As for me, my type of jeans is high-waist and stretchable. 


Cherry Maning


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