Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Wrong Jeans

Hi everyone! I am highlighting  my denims in this post because we have a denim festival happening right now. Although it is for seasoned brands like Wrangler, Bobson, Freego, etc., you should also consider checking my shop.  If you do not have any idea yet, Cherryfic Finds is selling stretchable high-waist jeans. It is comfortable and high quality. I am using one in this post.



It is very important that we choose the right kind of denim long pants. Women like skinny jeans even if they are not skinny. Who's guilty of that? me! The important thing is that it shouldn't constrict your blood vessels and hamper your blood circulation so please try to get the perfect fit. Because many of us try to fit in a very tight jeans.

Signs that you're wearing the wrong jeans:

1. You can't breathe in every movement.
2. It leaves you red marks and linings on your skin.
3. If it shows your butt crack. :)
4. The zipper always unzips on it's own.
5. Seams are about to burst.
6. You always pull your jeans up.

If you experience some of these, give up on the size or try fitting another pair of jeans.

I hope this post will help you guys. We have different bodies and good thing is there are many types and sizes of jeans as well. Know your type of jeans and the perfect fit. 

As for me, my type of jeans is high-waist and stretchable. 


Cherry Maning

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Feeling Kinda Sexy at Echostore

We have found a new place to hangout. Welcome to Echostore! It is located at Carlos P. Garcia Highway or Diversion Road.

I am into healthy lifestyle for a month now and I am enjoying its benefits. My healthy lifestyle includes doing Yoga and changing my diet into Paleo Diet. So I am constantly in search for healthy treats to replace my cravings. I am discovering restaurants that serve healthy and hearty foods perfect for my diet. Echostore is heaven.

Of course, I am with my pretty bestie Farah Zamora for another food trip. Right now we are more mindful with what we eat. Looking back, it's Farah who taught me my first salad and by just tasting the Mixed Green Salad of Echostore she told me how excited she is to replicate it. She's gonna make me one and I am excited for it.

These are my favourites: Garden Salad and Tuna Sandwich. I am in love with these two.

As for the physical setup, it is uniquely crafted to cater to the ambiance of country home theme selling organic stuff and healthy meals for everyone. It is rustic and cottage type. We definitely would go back.

Catching up with my bestie because I missed her.

I am so happy because she brought her DSLR (lol) and more than that, I am happy because she is gaining so much progress in her blogging career. Mc Donalds PH is sending her some freebies for her blogs. I am so proud of her.

A big hug for Besh.

And because of that, I am posting a better picture of my OOTD. Here it is! Cherry Maning in street-style.

We both came from a Yoga session and Sauna. I wanted to be more comfortable and feeling fresh even in the afternoon. So I chose to wear this very light spaghetti-strapped sleeveless and partnered it with my tattered jeans. All in light colors for today.

I love this street-style outfit. If you notice I did not wear heels. I applied light make-up and chose nude color for my lipstick. My hair is back to black.  It's a new me!

TOP: Forever 21
PANTS: Cherryfic Finds Denims
BAG: Tory Burch
SHOES: Melissa


BLUSH ON: Too Faced
LIPSTICK: Kinda Sexy, Mac Cosmetics

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my blog for today! 
Lots of pretty posts soon.



White Chic and Royal Blue

Two dresses in one blog. Hello girls! Iwill  showcase my two gorgeous outfits for the last two episodes of Kapamilya Mas Winner Ka in ABS-CBN. First, my elegant looking white chic lace dress! Oh my God, it's really gorgeous!

I love white. In fact, it's one of my favourite colors. It's basic. Everyone should have one white dress in their closet. But finding a perfect white dress is very difficult. I am always confronted with white dress problems at my shop. People always look for white dresses with sleeves. The demand is high but the supply is really low. Wholesale stores abroad seldom sell white dress so when I see one, I always grab it.

Fortunately, I was able to buy this design with a thick but stretchable fabric so I don't have to worry about my undergarments. I don't like wearing white when it's see through. I feel nude. It's a no-no! This dress looks amazing. It's the lace that adds elegance. I love this outfit.

My next outfit is royalty. If you work on television or if you have an on cam interview, I suggest you wear royal blue. I just love how royal blue appears on screen. It's an automatic eye-catcher. It works for me guys! It radiates a positive vibes and I look lighter than my complexion.

This dress is perfect for my body type. It helps contour my body making me look sexier. I just love the cut on top and the cream combination. The cut gave the dress a sexy look by drawing more  attention on the center of the body than the extremities.

I equally love my outfits in this post. These designs will be available at Cherryfic Finds soon. By the way guys, keep on watching Kapamilya Mas Winner Ka and stay tuned for my net blog for more outfit posts. I love you all!