Friday, July 31, 2015

Variety, Changes and Diversity

Hello guys! everything that I am going to talk about today will revolve around the word "variety". 

First stop "variety show". You have already seen me couple of times in this famous variety show/ game show in Mindanao. Yes, I am talking about Kapamilya Mas Winner Ka, which has the highest ratings among all the local shows in Mindanao. 

Now let's talk about variations and changes. Change is good. Do you agree? If we never go out of our comfort zone, we will never grow. We will never appreciate the beauty of life. 

I have already mentioned in my previous post that it's a big challenge for me to be in the entertainment industry from being a news anchor. It is hard to keep on shifting and changing roles. I started as a segment host, upgraded to light news, to heavy news then weather forecast, traffic updates, interviews with the most respected personalities in Davao and a lot more. I can say that I have so much love for my craft in newscasting. I am thankful for GMA of course, for all the love and respect. I thank GMA for the great opportunity they gave me. I enjoyed my journey with all of my Kapuso friends. 

But with my new chosen family, I have high hopes. With my new home, I now have new aspirations and dreams to fulfil. Hosting a variety/ game show on television was something I never thought was possible. But ABS-CBN trusted me that I can deliver and that means I should do my best.  I will do five more episodes of Kapamilya Mas Winner Ka. I am super thankful. Let's just see what will happen to me in ABS-CBN. 

On my second taping for the episode shown last July 25, 2015, I was encouraged to make some changes. I am open to anything that would make my whole package better than what it was before. I had my hair extensions removed and keep my hair short and straight. I was told to expose my real personality. I have to show them the real Cherry which will set me apart from Angels Claud and Redge; Claud being sexy and Redge being Kikay. I was confused for a time. What am I? What's the best adjective for me? I really couldn't answer it.

Right now, I am getting used to what I do in KMWK. I am having so much fun. I can now dance to the beat of the opening song. I have unlimited time to thank my sponsors and I can promote my boutique in all parts of Mindanao. I am blessed to be enjoying my passion at the same time, it doesn't take too much of my time for my business, studies and travels. 

This is it guys! Wish me luck. Life is really full of surprises. Who would have thought I'll be back on television? Well, we have to be flexible enough to cope with the demands of our career. We have to maximise our full potential and not become stagnant. We have to be the jack of all trades.  We have to be open to changes and learn to adapt in whatever situation we are in.




Cherry Maning 

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  1. Inspiring. Beauty and kikay combined. Awesome Cherry.


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