Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hongkong Disneyland 2

Here's the continuation of my Hongkong Disneyland adventure. Actually, I just toured around the place and there are a lot of things to see. I cannot afford to miss one. Let's go visit Tarzan's crib!

This may seem to be an ordinary platform but this is our ride to Tarzan's treehouse. It's a floating device. See!

Walking around... oh! there's water gushing. #jungle

Tarzan's musical instruments and old kitchen utensils.

This baby elephant looks so real.

Moving on, let's visit Grizzly's place.

Almost near the exit now.

And for the finale, here's the parade where some of the Disney characters were personified.
They're real :)

My overall kiddie experience at Disneyland was superb. If I were to compare it with my Ocean Park adventure two years ago, this place is much more light and easy. The place is colourful and lively perfect for kids. While there are some rides that can thrill the adults as well, but this place is more for the younger ones who loves Disney cartoons and for the kids at heart who wants to relive their childhood days. 

I grew up with Disney cartoons and I am a fan until now. I love how the movies of Disney evolved, teaching not only the kids but also the adults with good values in life. Maybe that is the reason why when I saw the Disney characters in this place, there was an attachment that I felt. Because every story Disney makes gives hope to every child to become better, to dream, to hope and to love. 
Disney goes beyond entertainment. 

 This is already a check on my  bucket list. 

Here are the other adventure parks that I have visited in five years. 

Everland Korea
Universal Studios Singapore
Dream World Thailand
Ocean Park HK
Disneyland HK

I'm such a fan of adventure parks and Disneyland Hongkong is not going to be my last, hopefully.
Thank you for reading my blog. Till our next adventure! ciao!



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