Friday, July 31, 2015

Variety, Changes and Diversity

Hello guys! everything that I am going to talk about today will revolve around the word "variety". 

First stop "variety show". You have already seen me couple of times in this famous variety show/ game show in Mindanao. Yes, I am talking about Kapamilya Mas Winner Ka, which has the highest ratings among all the local shows in Mindanao. 

Now let's talk about variations and changes. Change is good. Do you agree? If we never go out of our comfort zone, we will never grow. We will never appreciate the beauty of life. 

I have already mentioned in my previous post that it's a big challenge for me to be in the entertainment industry from being a news anchor. It is hard to keep on shifting and changing roles. I started as a segment host, upgraded to light news, to heavy news then weather forecast, traffic updates, interviews with the most respected personalities in Davao and a lot more. I can say that I have so much love for my craft in newscasting. I am thankful for GMA of course, for all the love and respect. I thank GMA for the great opportunity they gave me. I enjoyed my journey with all of my Kapuso friends. 

But with my new chosen family, I have high hopes. With my new home, I now have new aspirations and dreams to fulfil. Hosting a variety/ game show on television was something I never thought was possible. But ABS-CBN trusted me that I can deliver and that means I should do my best.  I will do five more episodes of Kapamilya Mas Winner Ka. I am super thankful. Let's just see what will happen to me in ABS-CBN. 

On my second taping for the episode shown last July 25, 2015, I was encouraged to make some changes. I am open to anything that would make my whole package better than what it was before. I had my hair extensions removed and keep my hair short and straight. I was told to expose my real personality. I have to show them the real Cherry which will set me apart from Angels Claud and Redge; Claud being sexy and Redge being Kikay. I was confused for a time. What am I? What's the best adjective for me? I really couldn't answer it.

Right now, I am getting used to what I do in KMWK. I am having so much fun. I can now dance to the beat of the opening song. I have unlimited time to thank my sponsors and I can promote my boutique in all parts of Mindanao. I am blessed to be enjoying my passion at the same time, it doesn't take too much of my time for my business, studies and travels. 

This is it guys! Wish me luck. Life is really full of surprises. Who would have thought I'll be back on television? Well, we have to be flexible enough to cope with the demands of our career. We have to maximise our full potential and not become stagnant. We have to be the jack of all trades.  We have to be open to changes and learn to adapt in whatever situation we are in.




Cherry Maning 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kapuso to Kapamilya

Career move: from GMA to ABS-CBN.

July 11, 2015 eight months after I resigned as a News Anchor of GMA's primetime local newscast, Testigo, I appeared on ABS-CBN's local variety show, Kapamilya Mas Winner Ka as a guest host.

It was a chance of a lifetime.

Flashback one week before the taping, I received a call from the local executives of ABS-CBN. I was really happy at the same time very nervous. It was a mix of emotions. I did not expect it at all. It's been quite a while since I was on cam and I had already been so comfortable being an entrepreneur.

I had so many worries at that time.

During the first taping everything was totally new to me, the environment, the people around me, the show, the kind of hosting I have to do, and the personality I have to project, etc. I have to make a very big adjustment. It was a big leap from news to entertainment. It was a struggle deep inside.

I am a shy person and I can't dance. I am so terrified to show the world my moves. haha. Good thing I am not that bad in singing because they asked me for a sample.

The Kapamilya Network gave me a warm welcome and they made me feel comfortable in what was supposed to be a very awkward situation. Thank God, everything went on well.

I enjoyed doing my first episode. I had so much fun.

Now I am set to appear in few more episodes of Kapamilya Mas Winner Ka. Thank You Lord for the blessings. So guys, please watch me every Saturday, 8 am, only on ABS-CBN.



Thursday, July 23, 2015

Perch Davao

Have you been to the newest mall in town? Visit Felcris Centrale located at Quimpo Boulevard Davao City and don't forget to dine at the Perch. I was with Farah earlier this week to celebrate our birthdays. We're both July babies but mind you guys, she's two years older than me. hehehe Sorry besh I have to mention it. You look young and beautiful anyway. 

Here are our top picks at the Perch. Steak and Ceasar Salad. This is the tastiest steak I have ever tasted. Mapapakanin ka talaga. The mash potato is also perfect.

The Ceasar Salad is uniquely topped with sunny side up. It tastes even better than the usual caesar salad. Perch offers a unique menu perfect for those who wish to eat their usual favourites like fries, steaks, burgers, pizzas with a twist. It's perfectly done.

It was really Farah who wanted us to dine at the Perch. She convinced me and we both fell in love with the different taste of the food in Perch as well as the nice view outside. Farah and I both love the ambiance. The music soothes the relaxing place. It was a unique dining experience for the both of us. We would definitely go back.

Now, let's talk about my outfit. Off-shoulders! What's your idea about wearing off-shoulders? It's the "in" thing today. I am wearing one from Cherryfic Finds in lace. For girls looking for Coachella outfits, consider wearing off-shoulders. Kendall Jenner in Coachella 2014 wore a white crop top off-shoulders.

Our off-shoulder collection in Cherryfic Finds comes in many styles, colors and in different cloth. What I am wearing right now exudes elegance and sophistication as it comes in lace and tool combination. 



Please come and visit Cherryfic Finds for the latest in Bangkok Fashion. You could find a perfect outfit for your birthday celebration at my shop. You could also find a perfect gift for your beshies there. So drop by and shop 'til you drop. By the way, happy birthday to all the July babies! 



July Baby

Hi guys! Yes, I am a July baby born in the year of the Dragon. 
My birthday this year was close to perfection! I wanted it to be an intimate celebration with people close to my heart. True enough, it happened just the way I wanted it to be. 

Apart from my family being complete with my brother-in-law, Kuya Don joining us, my friends from GMA, SPC and some girlfriends really came to our house to celebrate my natal day. It was just a simple dinner turned karaoke night with my fun friends.

I only decided to invite friends on the day of my birthday. I did not prepare for a big party. But thanks to my parents who prepared a sumptuous meal for my visitors. 

This year I had a parade of twelve cakes. I neither asked nor required people to come to my birthday celebration and bring cakes. But I am so happy for my friends' thoughtfulness. Thank you guys.

Thanks beshies... By the way, I'm now 27 years old. My wish is to become healthy and to live a more active lifestyle. I hope I can achieve my best bod ever before I turn 28. Join me in my journey. 

Birthday OOTD




Hongkong Disneyland 2

Here's the continuation of my Hongkong Disneyland adventure. Actually, I just toured around the place and there are a lot of things to see. I cannot afford to miss one. Let's go visit Tarzan's crib!

This may seem to be an ordinary platform but this is our ride to Tarzan's treehouse. It's a floating device. See!

Walking around... oh! there's water gushing. #jungle

Tarzan's musical instruments and old kitchen utensils.

This baby elephant looks so real.

Moving on, let's visit Grizzly's place.

Almost near the exit now.

And for the finale, here's the parade where some of the Disney characters were personified.
They're real :)

My overall kiddie experience at Disneyland was superb. If I were to compare it with my Ocean Park adventure two years ago, this place is much more light and easy. The place is colourful and lively perfect for kids. While there are some rides that can thrill the adults as well, but this place is more for the younger ones who loves Disney cartoons and for the kids at heart who wants to relive their childhood days. 

I grew up with Disney cartoons and I am a fan until now. I love how the movies of Disney evolved, teaching not only the kids but also the adults with good values in life. Maybe that is the reason why when I saw the Disney characters in this place, there was an attachment that I felt. Because every story Disney makes gives hope to every child to become better, to dream, to hope and to love. 
Disney goes beyond entertainment. 

 This is already a check on my  bucket list. 

Here are the other adventure parks that I have visited in five years. 

Everland Korea
Universal Studios Singapore
Dream World Thailand
Ocean Park HK
Disneyland HK

I'm such a fan of adventure parks and Disneyland Hongkong is not going to be my last, hopefully.
Thank you for reading my blog. Till our next adventure! ciao!



Hongkong Disneyland

KID AT HEART. I'm finally here. Yehey! It's my first time in Disneyland Hongkong. I consider this a gift to myself before it's too late for me to enjoy this kiddie stuff. I am 27 now and I have to act my age (lol). Pretty soon, in God's perfect time, I'll be spending more summer days here with my future kids (haha). Well, that's what I want. I'm sure my future kids will love it here too.

Disneyland is so huge. You have to be prepared for a long walk. Be sure to wear proper attire. Rubber shoes, sleeveless shirt and shorts is a better option especially when you want to experience all the rides. Bring extra clothes kiddos.

I strolled around Disneyland and did not try the rides so I was just comfortable with wearing pants and long sleeves polo.



One of the most colourful and densely populated area in Disneyland is the Toy Story World. Extreme rides are here so we see a lot of adults in this area. I was dying to try the rides but the long queue discouraged me. No patience, no rides.

This is officially my favourite spot in Disneyland. Perfect for people looking for adrenaline rush. people shouting fearfully while others are laughing hard. I got excited and nervous by just looking at them.

For you to enjoy all the rides and the spectacular shows in Hongkong Disneyland, it is best that you come early. Better yet, you should book a room for overnight stay in their hotel. In that way, you would have more time and energy to ride all you can in Disneyland.

More photos about Hongkong Disneyland on my next blog.
Bye for now :)