Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dahilayan Forest Park

Hello guys! I guess my facebook posts and previous blog entry stirred up the adventurous side of you. Can you feel the  thrill and excitement? Alright! So here I am writing this piece to give you more information about the place and the activities that you must try once you visit Dahilayan Forest Park. This is made possible due to insistent public demand lol.

A trip closer to nature is one of the best remedy for the stressed individuals. Truly, literally, a breath of fresh air.
Photo credits: Grace M

Travel time from Davao to Bukidnon is approximately eight hours by land. So we left at around 3 am to reach Dahilayan before noon. Van rentals good for 12 persons will be around P15,000.00, all in. Travel lite and don't forget to pack your warmers and comfortable shoes. Bring food. It's hard to find a nice place to dine on the road for breakfast. If you can cook breakfast, much better. There is a nice place where people stopover for breakfast and it is called the "Overview".

Picture taken somewhere in Buda around 7 am

We reached Bukidnon early but it is a huge province so it took us few more hours to reach our destination. We arrived at around twelve noon and had our lunch at the cafe inside the compound. It is affordable. One meal with rice and viand would cost you around P120- P200. My lunch was terrific! I chose Sizzling Roast Beef, one that you must try.

As for the accomodation, it is relatively cheap because we chose the Barkada Room which is a perfect choice for a big family like ours. The room is huge and we have two bathrooms inside our bedroom. Cool!

After our lunch, we waited for the rain to stop. Our first stop, Zorbit. I have tried it couple of times already and still, I am so much afraid of it. The idea of losing control over my direction is freaking me out. I am much more nervous than I was before.

Take note guys, there is a weight requirement when you try the zorb. You and your partner's total weight should not exceed 120 kilos. So I partnered with Grace, my sister who is a daredevil herself. The experience was super fun. Zorbit costs P250 per person.

It's going down and coming your way. Huge zorb rolling.

Next is the Luge. It costs P800 per person and it includes the hanging bridge experience since you have to cross to the other side of the mountain for you to drive the luge. It is a ride going down the steep hill with a simple control mechanism; pull up for drive and down for stop. It's perfect! You will have to do it twice.

And yes! You have to cross the hanging bridge again which is terrifying because it's shaky and I am with my big brothers and sisters and other members of our extended family, the Limos clan, who will jump up and down and run fast past the bridge and you will have to grip really hard.

My first day was tremendous. I already exhausted all my powers. The adrenaline rush was just too high and I truly fell in love with the place. I can't wait for the next day's activities. So I slept early to gain more energy because the activities are so much more extreme! Stay tuned for that!




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