Friday, June 19, 2015

Dahilayan Extreme

When you are out of town and you know you're going to experience extreme adventures you will never go wrong with rubber shoes and tights. What could be be more comfortable than a body hugging pants that will ensure your flexibility and protect your skin from scratches, insect bites and harmful rays of the sun.


Turtleneck top: Uniqlo
Tights: Forever 21

So here's our Day 2 activities at the Forest Park.

Mini Golf

I am an inexperienced golfer so I am so happy when my golf ball landed near the hole. Close enough.   The mini golf experience is part of the Luge package that we availed the day before and since it was already past five in the afternoon we were advised to do it on our second day.

ATV / Buggy Ride

ATV ride costs 600 php and the Buggy Ride is 1,000 php. Though Buggy ride is more expensive than the ATV, the Buggy ride can accommodate 2 persons in one car given that the total weight of the passenger and driver will not exceed 115 kilos. Buggy ride is like driving a car and ATV, a motorbike. I chose the Buggy ride. Even if I do not have a passenger with me, we still paid 1,000 for my ride.
The trail was challenging and lengthy. 

It's super fun when you are in a big group. What a huge family we have! right? This ATV and Buggy ride is super cool since we get to tour outside the Forest Park and see a very nice scenery outside the park. We had stopovers and the crew were gentlemen enough to document our trail.


Moving on from our wonderful ATV/ Buggy experience, we have come to the most exciting and breath-taking part, the DROPZONE. It is by far, the most nerve-racking thing I did in my entire life. We went outside the park because the Dropzone is located at Dahilayan Adventure Park. It is one fence away. At the Adventure Park, the most extreme adventures await, there is what they call the Skydrop, Zipline and the killer Dropzone. Yes! It killed me for a while. lol. Imagine being lifted by cable wires up to 120 ft above the ground and releasing yourself by pulling the harness and just fall and then swing. It is crazy.

The drop zone is unforgettable. Don't dare miss it when you visit Dahilayan. It will make you stronger person after you've tried it. The scary part of it, waiting and being lifted and releasing the harness.  Falling is the ultimate glory. Shout with all your might and release all tensions. You will feel weightless and your soul being lifted. I have conquered my fear of heights and of losing control. I have a lifetime of bragging rights for the ultimate experience. It is not for the weak.


This is another famous attraction in the place. Zipline is more common. A lot of people love ziplines. My parents love it too. I haven't tried it in Dahilayan, but for my brothers and sisters who have done it, they find it very satisfactory. The ultimate zipline at the Adventure Park is 825 m long. Yes! a very long stretch. There are other zip packages for kids and for adults who want to try all types of ziplines. There is a shorter zipline is around 250 m stretch and you will have to do it in sitting position. The 825 m long is the superman type wherein guests will feel like they are really flying. 

Overall, Dahilayan Forest Park is a great place to hangout with families and friends who love both nature and adventure. For my family, we had a perfect vacation there. We never want to leave the place. It is a happy place for us. For the individuals looking for extreme rides or adventures, visit the Dahilayan Adventure Park and conquer all your fears and satisfy your hunger for insanely intense and thrilling activities. I love Bukidnon. I love Dahilayan. It's more fun in the Philippines. 



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  1. Such a cool adventure Ms. Cherry! Looking forward to go there and also try the zipline. The dropzone? Uhmmm... I will think first. :-P


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