Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cabin In The Woods

Hello my loves! I hope you are excited to read my first blog entry for the month of June. I know you have waited for so long.  I had been busy with my travels and fashion blogging has a so difficult lately. Aside from that, our house underwent some serious rennovation. Everyone was busy cleaning up and moving things. My life was a chaos.

So summer bonding came in a little late for our family. Summer was like a flash of lightning that showed up and poof it's gone. We are now chasing summer in this cold and wet season. It's June and classes already started. Despite of the odds, our family outing pushed through. We are currently enjoying our getaway in this cold and far far away place called Dahilayan Forest Park. 

Here's some of my favorite photos:


Uniqlo Fleece Zip Jacket and Black Shorts

Longchamp Sling Bag (Mustard)

Onitsuka Tiger Shoes

Heavy rain poured in the afternoon. Temperature dropped really low. It's essential to wear comfortable clothings and shoes. Never ever forget your jackets and wear training or rubber shoes. Great adventure awaits when you visit this place so get ready for some action. 

By the way, I'm blogging using my phone right now. Do leave some message below. Til next time.


Cherry Maning

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