Monday, June 29, 2015

A Cherryfic Throwback

Blast from the past! Here are some of my cherryfic photos taken years ago. I was scrolling through my laptop and found these photos in one of my albums. Looking at them, I can't help but be thankful to God for granting my heart's desires and I want to share it to all of you. 

When I was younger, I did not have the luxury of having a closet full of fashionable clothes. I was contented with my denim pants, polo shirts and plain tees. That's my style, plain and simple.

I love to wear Giordano, Kamiseta and Bayo. It was already expensive to buy in these stores back then. But for us, it's worth it. When I shop for clothes, my mother will always accompany me and she will always buy polo shirts for me. I really cannot decide for myself so I just give in to whatever she wants. You can just imagine a wide range of polo shirt collection I have in different colors.

I am so used to being accompanied by my mother in choosing my outfits. I always seek for her approval even in college. My mom is simple and conservative and whenever I choose to wear sleeveless shirts or anything sexy, she will disapprove. Then I realised I want to be more fashionable and that I'm tired of the usual plain and basic style. I have secretly wished for a closet full of cute outfits including the sexy ones even if I do not have the confidence to wear those.

However fashion also comes with a cost. It changes overtime and it's not worth the cash. It was expensive to buy in boutiques during that time and the quality is not so good. I wanted to find a better brand, with great quality, wide variety and good value for money.

There is nothing like Forever 21 or Cherryfic Finds back then.

It took a while before I was able to go outside of my comfort zone. I had to withstand my parent's disapproval in my chosen type of clothes especially when I started working for television.

Being on the limelight and working in the media industry became an avenue for me to develop an eye towards choosing fashionable clothes. Little did I know that shopping for fashionable clothes became my addiction and I had too many clothes in my closet so I started selling them as my preloved items.

GMA Network had a bazaar and I almost sold all my items in one night. It was a hit. Indeed, a success.

Few months later, I met Farah who was in the clothing business that time. I used to model for her shop, Budget Barbie. She encouraged me to start selling clothes and to rent half of her stall. It started that way until I rented the whole stall and later had my own boutique.

Then I opened a new branch in Tagum. I  simply had a vision of making fashion easily available to everyone. I wanted girls to be more expressive rather than to conform with the norms set by their parents or the society. I want every other girl to express their individuality, to appreciate the arts and to be comfortable with their own skin. 

I want fashion to be worth all the money they spend. It should be of high quality. 

That is why there is CHERRYFIC FINDS.


In Davao right now where almost all boutiques sell China goods, I wanted to be different. I want to be a standout. I personally pick my items abroad to maintain the standard and quality of all the stuff I sell.

Because I only want what's best.

Having a boutique is a dream come true. It started with a vision and God did a marvellous work to put all pieces together and make this happen. Have you been to my shop?  I hope you will come and visit Cherryfic Finds. It is located at 2/f Victoria Plaza and 2/f Gaisano Mall of Tagum. 

I will be waiting there for you. :)



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  1. I love Cherryfic Finds because the clothes they sell are really in good quality and at a very reasonable price. Also, they give big discounts on their items and I always got special prices on discounted ones. Thanks Ms. Cherry! ;-)


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