Monday, June 29, 2015

A Cherryfic Throwback

Blast from the past! Here are some of my cherryfic photos taken years ago. I was scrolling through my laptop and found these photos in one of my albums. Looking at them, I can't help but be thankful to God for granting my heart's desires and I want to share it to all of you. 

When I was younger, I did not have the luxury of having a closet full of fashionable clothes. I was contented with my denim pants, polo shirts and plain tees. That's my style, plain and simple.

I love to wear Giordano, Kamiseta and Bayo. It was already expensive to buy in these stores back then. But for us, it's worth it. When I shop for clothes, my mother will always accompany me and she will always buy polo shirts for me. I really cannot decide for myself so I just give in to whatever she wants. You can just imagine a wide range of polo shirt collection I have in different colors.

I am so used to being accompanied by my mother in choosing my outfits. I always seek for her approval even in college. My mom is simple and conservative and whenever I choose to wear sleeveless shirts or anything sexy, she will disapprove. Then I realised I want to be more fashionable and that I'm tired of the usual plain and basic style. I have secretly wished for a closet full of cute outfits including the sexy ones even if I do not have the confidence to wear those.

However fashion also comes with a cost. It changes overtime and it's not worth the cash. It was expensive to buy in boutiques during that time and the quality is not so good. I wanted to find a better brand, with great quality, wide variety and good value for money.

There is nothing like Forever 21 or Cherryfic Finds back then.

It took a while before I was able to go outside of my comfort zone. I had to withstand my parent's disapproval in my chosen type of clothes especially when I started working for television.

Being on the limelight and working in the media industry became an avenue for me to develop an eye towards choosing fashionable clothes. Little did I know that shopping for fashionable clothes became my addiction and I had too many clothes in my closet so I started selling them as my preloved items.

GMA Network had a bazaar and I almost sold all my items in one night. It was a hit. Indeed, a success.

Few months later, I met Farah who was in the clothing business that time. I used to model for her shop, Budget Barbie. She encouraged me to start selling clothes and to rent half of her stall. It started that way until I rented the whole stall and later had my own boutique.

Then I opened a new branch in Tagum. I  simply had a vision of making fashion easily available to everyone. I wanted girls to be more expressive rather than to conform with the norms set by their parents or the society. I want every other girl to express their individuality, to appreciate the arts and to be comfortable with their own skin. 

I want fashion to be worth all the money they spend. It should be of high quality. 

That is why there is CHERRYFIC FINDS.


In Davao right now where almost all boutiques sell China goods, I wanted to be different. I want to be a standout. I personally pick my items abroad to maintain the standard and quality of all the stuff I sell.

Because I only want what's best.

Having a boutique is a dream come true. It started with a vision and God did a marvellous work to put all pieces together and make this happen. Have you been to my shop?  I hope you will come and visit Cherryfic Finds. It is located at 2/f Victoria Plaza and 2/f Gaisano Mall of Tagum. 

I will be waiting there for you. :)



Monday, June 22, 2015

Cinderella Party

It was Heather's birthday party last June 14 and the birthday theme, Cinderella Chic. Well, Cinderella is my favourite Disney Princess. I love her story because it's very inspiring. We all want to become a princess and we all love to think that someday our prince will come.

I don't really like to dress up that day but my friend Farah told me to really prepare for it. So I looked for a dress in my shop, Cherryfic Finds. Luckily I have found a royal blue dress for me. I also used my glass shoes. Shoes with glass heels rather. Perfect match!


Dress: Cherryfic Finds
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Bag: Louis Vuitton

Kids Party is just awesome. It's like reliving my childhood days. Plus, I get to meet old friends and their babies and find new friends. I shared my wish to Heather during the party. My wish is for her to grow up as a God-fearing and family-centered individual. I wish that God will grant her wisdom and I pray that she will be equipped with the values that will make her a better person when she grows up.

Happy Birthday Heather!


Cherry Maning 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Dahilayan Extreme

When you are out of town and you know you're going to experience extreme adventures you will never go wrong with rubber shoes and tights. What could be be more comfortable than a body hugging pants that will ensure your flexibility and protect your skin from scratches, insect bites and harmful rays of the sun.


Turtleneck top: Uniqlo
Tights: Forever 21

So here's our Day 2 activities at the Forest Park.

Mini Golf

I am an inexperienced golfer so I am so happy when my golf ball landed near the hole. Close enough.   The mini golf experience is part of the Luge package that we availed the day before and since it was already past five in the afternoon we were advised to do it on our second day.

ATV / Buggy Ride

ATV ride costs 600 php and the Buggy Ride is 1,000 php. Though Buggy ride is more expensive than the ATV, the Buggy ride can accommodate 2 persons in one car given that the total weight of the passenger and driver will not exceed 115 kilos. Buggy ride is like driving a car and ATV, a motorbike. I chose the Buggy ride. Even if I do not have a passenger with me, we still paid 1,000 for my ride.
The trail was challenging and lengthy. 

It's super fun when you are in a big group. What a huge family we have! right? This ATV and Buggy ride is super cool since we get to tour outside the Forest Park and see a very nice scenery outside the park. We had stopovers and the crew were gentlemen enough to document our trail.


Moving on from our wonderful ATV/ Buggy experience, we have come to the most exciting and breath-taking part, the DROPZONE. It is by far, the most nerve-racking thing I did in my entire life. We went outside the park because the Dropzone is located at Dahilayan Adventure Park. It is one fence away. At the Adventure Park, the most extreme adventures await, there is what they call the Skydrop, Zipline and the killer Dropzone. Yes! It killed me for a while. lol. Imagine being lifted by cable wires up to 120 ft above the ground and releasing yourself by pulling the harness and just fall and then swing. It is crazy.

The drop zone is unforgettable. Don't dare miss it when you visit Dahilayan. It will make you stronger person after you've tried it. The scary part of it, waiting and being lifted and releasing the harness.  Falling is the ultimate glory. Shout with all your might and release all tensions. You will feel weightless and your soul being lifted. I have conquered my fear of heights and of losing control. I have a lifetime of bragging rights for the ultimate experience. It is not for the weak.


This is another famous attraction in the place. Zipline is more common. A lot of people love ziplines. My parents love it too. I haven't tried it in Dahilayan, but for my brothers and sisters who have done it, they find it very satisfactory. The ultimate zipline at the Adventure Park is 825 m long. Yes! a very long stretch. There are other zip packages for kids and for adults who want to try all types of ziplines. There is a shorter zipline is around 250 m stretch and you will have to do it in sitting position. The 825 m long is the superman type wherein guests will feel like they are really flying. 

Overall, Dahilayan Forest Park is a great place to hangout with families and friends who love both nature and adventure. For my family, we had a perfect vacation there. We never want to leave the place. It is a happy place for us. For the individuals looking for extreme rides or adventures, visit the Dahilayan Adventure Park and conquer all your fears and satisfy your hunger for insanely intense and thrilling activities. I love Bukidnon. I love Dahilayan. It's more fun in the Philippines. 



Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dahilayan Forest Park

Hello guys! I guess my facebook posts and previous blog entry stirred up the adventurous side of you. Can you feel the  thrill and excitement? Alright! So here I am writing this piece to give you more information about the place and the activities that you must try once you visit Dahilayan Forest Park. This is made possible due to insistent public demand lol.

A trip closer to nature is one of the best remedy for the stressed individuals. Truly, literally, a breath of fresh air.
Photo credits: Grace M

Travel time from Davao to Bukidnon is approximately eight hours by land. So we left at around 3 am to reach Dahilayan before noon. Van rentals good for 12 persons will be around P15,000.00, all in. Travel lite and don't forget to pack your warmers and comfortable shoes. Bring food. It's hard to find a nice place to dine on the road for breakfast. If you can cook breakfast, much better. There is a nice place where people stopover for breakfast and it is called the "Overview".

Picture taken somewhere in Buda around 7 am

We reached Bukidnon early but it is a huge province so it took us few more hours to reach our destination. We arrived at around twelve noon and had our lunch at the cafe inside the compound. It is affordable. One meal with rice and viand would cost you around P120- P200. My lunch was terrific! I chose Sizzling Roast Beef, one that you must try.

As for the accomodation, it is relatively cheap because we chose the Barkada Room which is a perfect choice for a big family like ours. The room is huge and we have two bathrooms inside our bedroom. Cool!

After our lunch, we waited for the rain to stop. Our first stop, Zorbit. I have tried it couple of times already and still, I am so much afraid of it. The idea of losing control over my direction is freaking me out. I am much more nervous than I was before.

Take note guys, there is a weight requirement when you try the zorb. You and your partner's total weight should not exceed 120 kilos. So I partnered with Grace, my sister who is a daredevil herself. The experience was super fun. Zorbit costs P250 per person.

It's going down and coming your way. Huge zorb rolling.

Next is the Luge. It costs P800 per person and it includes the hanging bridge experience since you have to cross to the other side of the mountain for you to drive the luge. It is a ride going down the steep hill with a simple control mechanism; pull up for drive and down for stop. It's perfect! You will have to do it twice.

And yes! You have to cross the hanging bridge again which is terrifying because it's shaky and I am with my big brothers and sisters and other members of our extended family, the Limos clan, who will jump up and down and run fast past the bridge and you will have to grip really hard.

My first day was tremendous. I already exhausted all my powers. The adrenaline rush was just too high and I truly fell in love with the place. I can't wait for the next day's activities. So I slept early to gain more energy because the activities are so much more extreme! Stay tuned for that!



Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cabin In The Woods

Hello my loves! I hope you are excited to read my first blog entry for the month of June. I know you have waited for so long.  I had been busy with my travels and fashion blogging has a so difficult lately. Aside from that, our house underwent some serious rennovation. Everyone was busy cleaning up and moving things. My life was a chaos.

So summer bonding came in a little late for our family. Summer was like a flash of lightning that showed up and poof it's gone. We are now chasing summer in this cold and wet season. It's June and classes already started. Despite of the odds, our family outing pushed through. We are currently enjoying our getaway in this cold and far far away place called Dahilayan Forest Park. 

Here's some of my favorite photos:


Uniqlo Fleece Zip Jacket and Black Shorts

Longchamp Sling Bag (Mustard)

Onitsuka Tiger Shoes

Heavy rain poured in the afternoon. Temperature dropped really low. It's essential to wear comfortable clothings and shoes. Never ever forget your jackets and wear training or rubber shoes. Great adventure awaits when you visit this place so get ready for some action. 

By the way, I'm blogging using my phone right now. Do leave some message below. Til next time.


Cherry Maning