Sunday, May 3, 2015

Teenage Dream

Hello there! To break the casual styling on my recent posts, I now bring you this new look and style which is more blog appropriate- bold, artistic and experimental. I feel like a teenage asian nerd. This playful outfit post is for the young gals including those who are young at heart. Love pullover top, nerdy glasses, pony tail, red lips, double layer black skater skirt and wedge shoes. What do you think of this combo? Definitely not my style but I'm rocking it. I actually like it.

Styling is not really my thing. Although I have learned a little bit from the internet like the basics of mix and match and color blocking, I admit that I still lack the skill. I feel the need to improve especially now that I am already focused on my clothing biz. There are more techniques to master. This got me thinking... what if I enrol to a fashion school? Well maybe not so soon. It could be later this year or next year or next next year. Maybe it will never happen (lol). But just the thought of it excites me because I have lots of clothes to mix and match and I have a store to promote. Here's more! I have a weird vision. I want to design clothes. I want to create my own dress and sell it in Bangkok and wholesalers from all over the world will buy my creations (lol). Only heaven knows if this is possible. I may be too ambitious. We could just laugh about it now but who knows? It may or may not happen. Right now, it will just be a dream. 

Snap back to reality!


Thanks Savannah my pug, for being with me in this shoot. You are my favourite accessory. Until my next blog girls



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