Monday, May 11, 2015

Perfect Nails for Busy Women

Hi guys! I had been very busy last week. My pug delivered her puppies after the Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather fight, my cargo arrived and I had to clean up my stockroom to make room for the new stocks (hooray!) and I changed my hair color and the rest is history. Of course, Cherryfic is doing great. Good news. Hard work really pays off. I am so glad to be a hands on entrepreneur. All the busy days carrying heavy sacks of stocks are worth it. Girl power! I know there are a lot of women like me out there who are proactive in making their lives better. We don't just sit and wait for the money to come around. We work for it. I had to admit though that some of us who are so obsessed working hard, almost always forget the importance of pampering ourselves.

So my blog for today is all about beauty and wellness. Let's take a break from fashion and focus on nail care and spa. Yes! We women have different unique ways of killing stress. As for me, the best stress reliever is to have my nails pampered. I love to visit one prominent nail salon in Davao and get my nails cleaned, have a foot massage and a relaxing hand and foot spa. I am addicted to nail colors. I love manicure and pedicure. I always post my new nail colors on instagram. 

I actually have a lot of nail selfies. Anyway, I find nail spa not only relaxing but also essential. When I was in Cebu Pacific, it is always a must to maintain clean nails. Chipped nails is a no no. So if you are a busy person and you only go to the nail spa at least once a month, thus you have to wait for a month before you change your nail color, I recommend that you try gel nails.

It is far more expensive than the ordinary nails. It costs around 850 pesos for manicure and a thousand pesos for pedicure but good thing is it will last a month or more. Say goodbye to chipped nails because gel nails will stick around and will be very hard to remove. Plus, for women like me who are impatient to wait  for the manicure to dry up, gel application is perfect because after the process you can use your shoes immediately. No more waiting.

Gel nail color is applied on the nails after cleaning. The hand is placed inside a UV ray emitting hand machine to dry up the gel. This process is repeated layer by layer.

On the negative side, upon removal of the gel, your nails will be soaked in acetone for ten minutes. This causes dryness and there are also reports that after removal of gel, nails are more likely to crack and will be damaged. So never ever forget to hydrate nails by using hand creams. Add biotin in your daily dose of vitamin supplement for more healthy and strong nails.

So there you have it! I have just shared my secret to relaxation and having beautiful nails. Hope you enjoyed reading. 

Ladies, please don't ever forget to treat your self with a spa or nail care at least once a month. Life is too short to be ugly.


Cherry Maning

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