Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Yin and Yang

In life, there is always good and evil, love and hate, ups and downs, success and failure. Everything has an equal opposite just like black and white. Whenever I think of these colors, first thing that comes to my mind is Yin Yang. It is a picture of two opposing colors, black and white, circling around and co-existing. For me, it connotes the positive and negative sides of life which is interconnected and interdependent of one another. Yin Yang shows how opposites are complementary to each other. Life, like Yin Yang, is all about balance. 

My outfit for today is all about balance and symmetry. Black and white is a perfect combination of contrasting colors that go perfectly well together. This black and white dress is a must-have. In addition, I am in love with this body con because of  its pleasing proportions that shape my body the sexiest way. By merely looking at the dress without fitting it, this body con is so simple. The fabric is cotton spandex. But when you pay attention to the details, it can transform the way you look at your body. It adds curves which every woman wants. 

Black and white is timeless. Thanks to the creative prints and designs that makes black and white a good choice for women of all ages. 



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