Thursday, April 9, 2015

Summer 2015

Hey guys! It's summer and it's so hot! You feel me?

Here's my outfit post to start off my summer!

This was taken two weeks ago when Farah and I met after her month long vacation in New York while me, I went to Bangkok.

Top: Cherryfic Finds
Pants: Cherryfic Finds
Shoes: Charles and Keith

Highwaist denim pants and croptop combination is basic. You should have these in your closet. If you are looking for a shop that offers great items, of course try visit my Cherryfic Finds. 

This vertical stripes crop top can fit small to medium frame while this four button high waist pants, a bestseller, feels comfortable and it contours my body since it is thick but stretchable. Isn't it perfect?

Of course, let's not forget the sunnies. I am a fan of sunglasses and RayBan is my favorite brand. But since I always lose my shades, I think it's just practical for me to buy Sunnies by Charlie. It is fashionable and affordable. I love their designs.

These sunnies cost around 399-499 pesos only! Sweet! 

Since we are on a healthy pursuit, I ordered Farah's favorite green tea at Starbucks Abreeza. Cheers to a healthy life! 

More summer photos soon 😄👍


Cherry Maning

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