Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sexy Shoulders

It's time to unleash the sexiness in you. Let it go! Let it show.

I have found my way back into fashion blogging after two years of being idle. I had so many hesitations and so many excuses then, but now I have the courage to do so. I am happy that I'm doing this for my favourite boutique, Cherryfic Finds. Of course, love your own (lol). For the record, this is just my second outfit post in 2015.

Perfect timing! It's summertime and that means I would have to show some skin. Why not? It's really hot.

Let me introduce to you Cherryfic Finds' latest collection of summer tops. First in the collection, off-shoulder in floral prints.

I personally love off-shoulder tops. I find it really sexy when you show off your collar bones, neck and shoulders. I paired it with a white tattered short pants also from Cherryfic Finds. Special thanks to Farah for the flower crowns. 

Another summer look for you guys! Thanks to Farah for keeping me inspired. Pls. do visit her blog also 



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  1. Very cute summer tops Cherry. I find it a blast from the past. xoxo


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