Saturday, April 25, 2015

Go Sporty This Summer

Summer will not be complete without going to the beach and enjoying the waves under the heat of the sun. It is the time of the year when you don't have to worry about your skin getting tanned. Everybody enjoying the beach gets tanned anyway. To minimize tanning, the secret lies in the sunblock, length and time of exposure and your swimming attire as well. My sunblock of choice are Rogine's bleaching cream, Hawaiian Tropic and Coppertone with the highest SPF. 

Anyway, I am not really a beach bum who wears swim suit and being sexy all the way. I, one the other hand, is the girl who hits the beach to ride on and race. Yes I love the thrill of the chase. I wear rash guard and black spandex tights. I wear my shades to protect me from water splashes and I even borrow a helmet for one hell of a safety ride. My sports is jetskiing and I enjoy this with few of my friends and my family. 

I brought with me my two little pugs yesterday so they can experience the beach. Too bad I wasn't able to bring along my big boys, Barkley the St. Bernard and Peewee the Labrador.

This by the way, is the prettiest shot of Savannah. 


Rash guard and leggings: Coco Cobana, SM Lanang Premier

These are my beach babes, Faye and Grace. I am using Sunnies by Charlie which is heavily tinted. You can always see me with my glasses on because too much sunlight gives me headache.

2nd OOTD

TOP: Forever 21
SANDALS: Cherryfic Finds 150 php only

This is the cheapest and the coolest sandals ever. You should drop by Cherryfic Finds to find more styles in different color combinations. It is so comfy.

Sunset with my Loyal Pug.

Bonus: throwback pictures during my most memorable first ever race, finishing 3rd place. Not bad for a first-timer right?



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