Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Flat Out Fabulous

This is a review of my favorite lipstick, MAC's Flat Out Fabulous. Since it is my fave, expect this to be biased. Joke! I will not do that. I will give you a balanced and factual information regarding this product including it's pros and cons.

I discovered Flat Out Fab when I came to Australia. My sister bought it for me. Since then, I have been using it for almost everyday. I am on my second tube now and I plan of hoarding because it is not always available in Manila. 

Flat Out Fab belongs to MAC'S product line called, Retro Matte. It is a product line that is very eye-catching and it gives a fierce feminine look. Other shades that belong to Retro Matte are the following: Dangerous and All Fired Up.

Flat Out Fab is a striking plum-like, violet, fuchsia shade or somewhere in between those. I was once in love with MAC's Ruby Woo, the super rich red matte that is so fierce and yet too seductive. Plus, it doesn't go along well with my pastel collection of clothes. With Flat Out Fab, it is eye-catching and so powerful but still blends well with any shade of clothes I am on. It is elegant. 

Second is that, it contours my face. Yes! It's funny but every time I use a lighter shade of lipstick, I feel that my cheeks are really chubby (lol). So I draw the attention to my lips and compensate by making it look darker and thicker. 

I don't use eye make-up often and for barefaced individuals like me, a perfect eyebrow and a lipstick like this is good to go. If you use this, hola! Instant make-up. Effortless.

Lastly, I am always told that I look younger than my age. Though sometimes I like to have a fresh baby face look, I struggle more often to look lady-like, authoritative and fierce. My lipstick says it all. 

On the other hand, this lipstick is matte and MAC's matte collection is super dry it cracks my lips. When I apply it, it stretches my skin so hard and using it becomes stressful. So always moisturize your skin, by applying lip balm, before using matte lipstick or during the times when you are not using any lipsticks at all. My solution to this matte problem is easy. I use a lighter shade of lipstick that is not matte and top it with Flat Out Fab.

This lipstick lasts for hours. You can sleep on it and wake up like it never touched the pillows and blankets. Of course, you should never sleep with make-up. Take it off using petroleum jelly or any make-up remover of your choice. Ordinary washing of water is not enough. It is so powerful it cannot be removed easily plus it leaves stains. 

As for the price, in the Philippines from P 995 it now costs P 1,000. It is expensive but it can also be an investment.

For me the overall package or look of a person is already a statement of who he or she is and who he or she wants to project. Choosing a lipstick shade is also a statement or a branding and as the name goes, Flat Out Fabulous, do something to the limit for one's worth as hard and as fast as you could and just be fabulous. That's me. The whole Retro Matte Collection speaks about power and strength of women. I love it.

Overall, Flat Out Fabulous is a very good choice of lipstick.



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