Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fashion and Beauty

I have finally decided to fully become a fashion and beauty blogger. That would mean three or more blogposts in a week. I hope that would excite everyone as I will share to you some beauty tips and fashion inspirations that are budget friendly and are easy to follow. I am not a good writer but I will try to improve. I will seek professional help if I must. This is something I enjoy doing so far and I am dedicated towards my personal development.  I now regret that in 2014 I haven't posted anything on my blog. My daily news anchor fashion during that year could have inspired others in the corporate world. But don't worry, there is more to share. Being a proprietress of a boutique, I owe you guys an exciting, dynamic and fashion forward updates in the industry. So here's one fashion statement to share.

This dress is from Cherryfic Finds. It is part of my summer collection. It can fit small to large frame. The fabric is stretchable and everybody in all shapes can achieve a sexy look by wearing this because it is off shoulder and will show our neck, shoulders and collar bones plus it is peplum.

This dress comes in different colors like black and blue in combination with white. I chose to wear red for this shoot because I find red really attractive. So what can you say about this dress? Don't forget to comment below! Leave some love.




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