Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cold Summer

Tired of city life and scorching heat?  Go visit Baguio! 

I have never set foot in Baguio City not until lately. It was my first time to discover the Philippines Summer Capital.

First stop, The Mansion

Second, Mines View Park. Totally breathtaking! 

I've met two lovely St. Bernards!

(Picture using iPhone 6+)

Rode a horse! Ha! It's a must.

Visited the Botanical Garden

Went to Burnham Park and tried boating.

I had so much fun!

I only have to mention few things you need to know before visiting Baguio if it's your first time.

1. It's crowded. It's summer and it is expected.

2. It's really cold especially at night. I underestimated Baguio thinking that I have been to different places abroad that are cold and Baguio wouldn't be as cold as those. I am wrong. So bring your jackets and warmers.

3. Everything you do, you pay. You take a picture with dogs, you pay. You pose for picture alone, natives will join you and you pay. It is not a bad thing. You only have to spend 10 pesos per local joining you in the picture. The thing is, you are able to help local tourism and the natives as well. So you have to prepare coins and bills. Let's support them.

4. Traffic. Since it is crowded, prepare for hiking. It's a great exercise! They got small roads plus it is steep. Wear proper footwear.

There you go guys! You have just been warned so that when you visit Baguio you will come prepared. Have a summer blast!


Cherry Maning

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  1. Great summer experience Cherry, very useful write-up. ;)


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