Friday, February 6, 2015

Where do I begin?

It's been quite a while since I left my blog spot. My blogger site has been so quiet for some time. I know you guys miss me! Am I right? 

Believe me when I say that I really wanted to write for the past two years. (Wow! It's been that long?) But I just couldn't get back. So what happened exactly? 

I had no time to update my blog after opening my shop, Cherryfic Finds, way back 2013. I find it so hard to mix business, career and writing. I was too focused on my shop that I forgot how helpful my blogging really is not just in my career and business but also in expressing myself, my fashion and my choices in life. 

I found a way to balance things out between my career and business but I never got back into writing. Not until today! I'm saying hello to everyone who have waited so long for this blogpost! I am definitely back! I'm rocking 2015 with this comeback! 

Welcome back to ! 

Xoxo, Cherry Maning


  1. hi miss che.. just a week ago i re read your blogposts. i even DMed you about that. dunno if you have read it. i said "please go back to blogging". and here u are.. am sooo happy. welcome back.

    1. hello dear! thank you so much. sorry I kept you waiting. salaam sa support. you guys inspire me


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