Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Make Your Hair Grow Faster The Natural Way

Adding length to your hair can be as easy as 1-2-3 by using hair extensions. Setting aside this option, how do we grow hair faster?

In an average, hair grows half an inch every month. So in a year, if you are Asian, expect for additional length up to 6 inches. African women, should expect up to 5 inches in a year while Caucasians , 4 inches. 

To speed up the growth while ensuring hair grows shiny and healthy, we need proper diet which includes food rich in protein, iron, zinc and vitamins a b and c. 

In an instagram account, I found this: 

According to @shredz, you need to add sweet potatoes on your diet for longer hair and healthy scalp. Yellow bell peppers which is rich in Vitamin C helps strengthen hair follicles and prevents hair damage. And advocated eating salmon twice a week for Vitamin D and protein.

Hair is made up of Keratin from amino acids. To increase the length of hair there should be an ample amount of amino acids in the body which can be acheived by cosuming protein. Protein rich foods are the following: nuts, beans, lean meat and fish. 

Iron is for transmission of oxygen to cells of the body including hair follicles. Zinc helps in the repair. Add poultry and eggs in your diet as well as oysters and crab.

Consume fat on your diet and meet daily recommended level of Vitamin C. Choose the right kind of fat by focusing on unsaturated fat and omega 3 found on fish. Vitamin C from your favorite fruits such as pineapple. Vitamin B prevents hair loss. If there is deficiency in this vitamins, take Vitamin B complex in supplements.

Faulty dieting and people who has anorexia nervosa are prone to hair loss and hair breakage. So eat right and grow your hair fast.

Aside from diet, massage scalp with oil and go for hot oil treatment in salons. These can stimulate hair growth. There are home remedies for scalp treatment which I will post in the future. 

I am excited to grow my hair long again the natural way. Stay tuned for more hair tips in the future. 


Cherry Maning


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  2. Never knew potatoes, yellow pepper, and salmon has that much effect on your hair growth. I would definitely add this to my diet together with this how to grow hair faster tips and achieve that long and shiny hair.


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