Friday, February 6, 2015

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions for five years. Can you handle that?

Five long years of clipping metals near the roots of my hair keeping it tight so my hair extensions will last long. Of course almost every other month I unclip, untangle the hair and clip it again as part of the mainentance. Tedious! Yes it is. And yet it is so addictive. The extra length and volume was all worth it, at least, when I was still on television.

The cost of hair extensions would span from P 5,000 up to P 20,0000 depending on the salon. For maintenance and retouch, it will start at around P2,000 and up (Davao rates). It's a little bit pricey but there are people who wouldn't mind paying for as long as it will make him or her more beautiful.

It is very important to choose the right hair if you opt for hair extensions. There are two types of hair to choose from- Synthetic and Human Hair. Choose Human hair for semi permanent to permanent clippings. If you don't mind the quality and will opt for clip on hair extensions, synthetic hair can be an option. Synthetic hair is relatively cheaper but looks unnatural. Some of it burns like plastic if you style it using curling irons etc. While others say that synthetics can be ironed too, it's no match to human hair.

Human hair on the other hand, is natural and can be subjected to hair dyes and heat. Perfect!

With and without hair extensions.

I used to have a stylist who does my extensions but later on, I learned how to put it on myself so I didn't have to pay for  the services. My next problem was where to find human hair for my extensions?

Answer: Bangkok, Thailand

Hair is sold per kilo or per strand around 2500 Baht to 8000 Baht. The vendors are located along the sidewalk in front of the famous wholesale mall, Platinum. 

In the Philippines, you might want to check Lynelle Hair located at VMall in Greenhills San Juan or Tokyo Posh (Farah's fave). They have wide variety of hair extension types in different colors and style. 

Hair secret revealed. For questions, comment below.


Cherry Maning

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  1. My wife is addicted to different kind, length, style and color of hair extensions.


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