Saturday, February 7, 2015

Eyebrows for Round Face

Is your face shape round?

If you don't know the answer, here's a guide I got from the internet to determine the face shape that you have. 

So is it round?

To name a few in Hollywood, celebrities with round shaped face are the following:

1. Kirsten Dunst

2. Emma Stone

3. Jennifer Lawrence

In Davao, Cherry Maning (insert laugh). 

But yeah it's true! I have a round shaped face which makes it so very important for me to pick the right hairstyle, right makeup, right angles on camera and even right eyebrows.

Yes! Eyebrows. Believe me when I say that one of the best features your face can have is having those perfect eyebrows. It can make or break your look.

This is true especially when you are applying make-up. Having clean eyebrows is a must. Or even if you are bare faced and really confident with your beauty without make up on, then believe me it will really enhance your facial features more if you get those eyebrows shaped, trimmed and cleaned. 

Perfectly shaped clean eyebrows = pretty face 

Ugly eyebrows =  not so pretty face 

Got it?

And remember this, 

Round eyebrows  = round face

I can relate to this since I am round faced and I don't want to look round at all. Instead, I tried to find ways in order to add angle on my face, increase the length of my brows and keep it thick. 

So what brow shape will work for us?
High arched brows. This will make our round face appear longer. 

Proven and tested.

And though I already have the knowledge on how to have perfect brows, I still lack the skill of maintaining, trimming and cutting my thick eyebrows. Sometimes I end up thinning it and worst I have to grow it again and reshape it. 

To achieve this, you might also need a proffesional help from the experts like I did. So visit brow house or brow studio to get your brows fixed. They have trained and skilled eyebrow artists who will help you achieve the right brows for your beautiful face.


Cherry Maning

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  1. A perfect eyebrows really contributes a lot to get that pretty face! ;)
    But even you'll gonna cover your brows, you still look pretty Ms. Cherry.


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