Monday, February 9, 2015

Dog Lovers/ Responsible Pet Owners

Why do people love dogs? 

First of all, they are cute. We all love cute stuffs. Humans are attracted to  their big eyes, soft furs and smallness.
When they are sweet and cute, they become irresistable. Because of their cuteness, humans are drawn to take care of them. 

In a recent article I've read ( according to studies, dogs empathize with humans as compared to all other animals in the planet. They seem to recognize joy and pain and they empathize with us by licking our face when we cry or by just being beside us. 

My pug Lebron licked my face when I was so mad. When I started blurting out heavy words he covered my mouth with his paw. So funny.

Dogs are also good stress relievers. They are smart and very entertaining.

There was also a time when I had to convince my friends that dogs do have an emotion. They wouldn't believe me until they witnessed Savannah, my other pug, cried when I took Leb inside the car and left her on the care of my friend. She is in tears. Heartmelting. 

Our actions affect our dogs and their treatment towards us. When you show them real affection, dogs develop loyalty to their owners and they become protective to their circle. They become our bestfriend.

Every dog deserves a home. Every dog deserves to be loved and cared for. However not every home deserves a dog. 

People who are not yet responsible enough to take care of a dog shouldn't get one. Because you need to feed it, bathe it and play with it. If you cannot do this, then don't get a dog.

Dogs are said to be the only creatures in the world who will love you more than himself. Reciprocate their love and affection by being the person your dog thinks you are. Be a responsible pet owner. 


Cherry Maning

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