Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Make Your Hair Grow Faster The Natural Way

Adding length to your hair can be as easy as 1-2-3 by using hair extensions. Setting aside this option, how do we grow hair faster?

In an average, hair grows half an inch every month. So in a year, if you are Asian, expect for additional length up to 6 inches. African women, should expect up to 5 inches in a year while Caucasians , 4 inches. 

To speed up the growth while ensuring hair grows shiny and healthy, we need proper diet which includes food rich in protein, iron, zinc and vitamins a b and c. 

In an instagram account, I found this: 

According to @shredz, you need to add sweet potatoes on your diet for longer hair and healthy scalp. Yellow bell peppers which is rich in Vitamin C helps strengthen hair follicles and prevents hair damage. And advocated eating salmon twice a week for Vitamin D and protein.

Hair is made up of Keratin from amino acids. To increase the length of hair there should be an ample amount of amino acids in the body which can be acheived by cosuming protein. Protein rich foods are the following: nuts, beans, lean meat and fish. 

Iron is for transmission of oxygen to cells of the body including hair follicles. Zinc helps in the repair. Add poultry and eggs in your diet as well as oysters and crab.

Consume fat on your diet and meet daily recommended level of Vitamin C. Choose the right kind of fat by focusing on unsaturated fat and omega 3 found on fish. Vitamin C from your favorite fruits such as pineapple. Vitamin B prevents hair loss. If there is deficiency in this vitamins, take Vitamin B complex in supplements.

Faulty dieting and people who has anorexia nervosa are prone to hair loss and hair breakage. So eat right and grow your hair fast.

Aside from diet, massage scalp with oil and go for hot oil treatment in salons. These can stimulate hair growth. There are home remedies for scalp treatment which I will post in the future. 

I am excited to grow my hair long again the natural way. Stay tuned for more hair tips in the future. 


Cherry Maning

Monday, February 9, 2015

Dog Lovers/ Responsible Pet Owners

Why do people love dogs? 

First of all, they are cute. We all love cute stuffs. Humans are attracted to  their big eyes, soft furs and smallness.
When they are sweet and cute, they become irresistable. Because of their cuteness, humans are drawn to take care of them. 

In a recent article I've read ( according to studies, dogs empathize with humans as compared to all other animals in the planet. They seem to recognize joy and pain and they empathize with us by licking our face when we cry or by just being beside us. 

My pug Lebron licked my face when I was so mad. When I started blurting out heavy words he covered my mouth with his paw. So funny.

Dogs are also good stress relievers. They are smart and very entertaining.

There was also a time when I had to convince my friends that dogs do have an emotion. They wouldn't believe me until they witnessed Savannah, my other pug, cried when I took Leb inside the car and left her on the care of my friend. She is in tears. Heartmelting. 

Our actions affect our dogs and their treatment towards us. When you show them real affection, dogs develop loyalty to their owners and they become protective to their circle. They become our bestfriend.

Every dog deserves a home. Every dog deserves to be loved and cared for. However not every home deserves a dog. 

People who are not yet responsible enough to take care of a dog shouldn't get one. Because you need to feed it, bathe it and play with it. If you cannot do this, then don't get a dog.

Dogs are said to be the only creatures in the world who will love you more than himself. Reciprocate their love and affection by being the person your dog thinks you are. Be a responsible pet owner. 


Cherry Maning

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Eyebrows for Round Face

Is your face shape round?

If you don't know the answer, here's a guide I got from the internet to determine the face shape that you have. 

So is it round?

To name a few in Hollywood, celebrities with round shaped face are the following:

1. Kirsten Dunst

2. Emma Stone

3. Jennifer Lawrence

In Davao, Cherry Maning (insert laugh). 

But yeah it's true! I have a round shaped face which makes it so very important for me to pick the right hairstyle, right makeup, right angles on camera and even right eyebrows.

Yes! Eyebrows. Believe me when I say that one of the best features your face can have is having those perfect eyebrows. It can make or break your look.

This is true especially when you are applying make-up. Having clean eyebrows is a must. Or even if you are bare faced and really confident with your beauty without make up on, then believe me it will really enhance your facial features more if you get those eyebrows shaped, trimmed and cleaned. 

Perfectly shaped clean eyebrows = pretty face 

Ugly eyebrows =  not so pretty face 

Got it?

And remember this, 

Round eyebrows  = round face

I can relate to this since I am round faced and I don't want to look round at all. Instead, I tried to find ways in order to add angle on my face, increase the length of my brows and keep it thick. 

So what brow shape will work for us?
High arched brows. This will make our round face appear longer. 

Proven and tested.

And though I already have the knowledge on how to have perfect brows, I still lack the skill of maintaining, trimming and cutting my thick eyebrows. Sometimes I end up thinning it and worst I have to grow it again and reshape it. 

To achieve this, you might also need a proffesional help from the experts like I did. So visit brow house or brow studio to get your brows fixed. They have trained and skilled eyebrow artists who will help you achieve the right brows for your beautiful face.


Cherry Maning

Friday, February 6, 2015

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions for five years. Can you handle that?

Five long years of clipping metals near the roots of my hair keeping it tight so my hair extensions will last long. Of course almost every other month I unclip, untangle the hair and clip it again as part of the mainentance. Tedious! Yes it is. And yet it is so addictive. The extra length and volume was all worth it, at least, when I was still on television.

The cost of hair extensions would span from P 5,000 up to P 20,0000 depending on the salon. For maintenance and retouch, it will start at around P2,000 and up (Davao rates). It's a little bit pricey but there are people who wouldn't mind paying for as long as it will make him or her more beautiful.

It is very important to choose the right hair if you opt for hair extensions. There are two types of hair to choose from- Synthetic and Human Hair. Choose Human hair for semi permanent to permanent clippings. If you don't mind the quality and will opt for clip on hair extensions, synthetic hair can be an option. Synthetic hair is relatively cheaper but looks unnatural. Some of it burns like plastic if you style it using curling irons etc. While others say that synthetics can be ironed too, it's no match to human hair.

Human hair on the other hand, is natural and can be subjected to hair dyes and heat. Perfect!

With and without hair extensions.

I used to have a stylist who does my extensions but later on, I learned how to put it on myself so I didn't have to pay for  the services. My next problem was where to find human hair for my extensions?

Answer: Bangkok, Thailand

Hair is sold per kilo or per strand around 2500 Baht to 8000 Baht. The vendors are located along the sidewalk in front of the famous wholesale mall, Platinum. 

In the Philippines, you might want to check Lynelle Hair located at VMall in Greenhills San Juan or Tokyo Posh (Farah's fave). They have wide variety of hair extension types in different colors and style. 

Hair secret revealed. For questions, comment below.


Cherry Maning

Where do I begin?

It's been quite a while since I left my blog spot. My blogger site has been so quiet for some time. I know you guys miss me! Am I right? 

Believe me when I say that I really wanted to write for the past two years. (Wow! It's been that long?) But I just couldn't get back. So what happened exactly? 

I had no time to update my blog after opening my shop, Cherryfic Finds, way back 2013. I find it so hard to mix business, career and writing. I was too focused on my shop that I forgot how helpful my blogging really is not just in my career and business but also in expressing myself, my fashion and my choices in life. 

I found a way to balance things out between my career and business but I never got back into writing. Not until today! I'm saying hello to everyone who have waited so long for this blogpost! I am definitely back! I'm rocking 2015 with this comeback! 

Welcome back to ! 

Xoxo, Cherry Maning