Saturday, May 4, 2013

The "All I've Ever Wanted" Box Review

Blogging through my phone now! Yep! But I'm using Blogger App now instead of Blogsy. I really really wish though that my Blogsy on my iPad be fixed as soon as possible. I missed blogging... And i missed you guys. So here it is! To start off our May, I decided to make a review of the item I bought last night.

So this box contains 72 eyeshadows. These palettes are round and small, like that of 25 centavo coin, mostly earth colors but includes my favorite hot pink, red with a twist of tangerine and those kinds of shades. Well, it seems like colors are repeated or maybe there's a bit of a difference but it's so minimal that some colors like lavender and other shades of violet look the same. What I love the most is that the colors are fit for everyday use. It's cool. Some are glittery and some are matte.

I don't use a base cream in applying eyeshadows but if I will try, then I will make another review. What I did today was to try using it with water. I dipped the brush to a clean and clear water just enough to wet the tip then chose a color and applied it. It looks nice though. Remember that there are palettes that are not water based and you will know it when you apply it. When it cakes after dipping the brush on water or if the color doesn't stick on the skin and becomes too dusty, then it's not water-based.

Moving on, there are 8 face colors: 1 face powder, 1 bronzer, 1 contour, 1 highlighter and 4 lovely blushers.
I love everything! The bronzer is the coolest. And good thing the face powder matches my skin tone.

There are 6 lip colors and so far, it's sticky and tight on my lips which I like. The colors are perfect for the earth colored palettes and there's red hot lip-smacking tint. In all fairness, Nyx's semi matte lipsticks are the best it gives a smooth finish and it's soft and gentle on lips.
These regular glossy lipsticks are of the best quality also.

Overall, for the SRP of 1,400 php, Nyx's The "All I've Ever Wanted" box is rated 9/10. It could have been perfect if the box includes my favorite Nyx's Eye pencils to complete the set. But hey gals you should go grab one!



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