Sunday, May 5, 2013


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Hotta! Hotta! This summer is so special because Cherryfic Finds released it's very own special Blazer Collection.

Executives and the like should invest more on nice clothes for us to look fit for the job and authoritative professionals. These are things that should be considered "essentials" and should be prioritized.

Invest on high quality products and see how it moves your professional lives into the positive side of things.

These blazers provide the best comfort to users. It has a lining inside and the cloth used outside is superb. It costs 1,500 php. It may be a little bit pricey but the quality? Huh! It's perfect.

The blazers in the recent collection comes in different colors. Well, executives nowadays are not anymore boring. They experiment. They love to be in different colors. 

I am the kind of shopper that if I love one item so much, I'd rather collect all colors. How about you? 

Play with your attire. It's never too late to be happy about yourself.

Moving on with the colorful ones, there are these timeless nude, black and blue colored blazers. This fashion is forever.


Remember to choose the right kind of blazer. Not all blazers make us sexy. The secret lies in the cut. Cherryfic's new collection of blazers frames all body types bringing out the sexiness in each fashionista! 

Hope you learned something today. mwaah


Cherry Maning

Edited. 2015

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