Friday, March 22, 2013

Skulls and Broken Hearts

Hello dear! Here's my UKB outfit for today.


Skulls for death
broken hearts for broken trust and love

These may be negative connotations but looking at the brighter side, skulls may mean death but would also mean renewed spirit or maybe an end to something unhealthy and painful which paves a way to eternal joy and happiness.

Also, it's hard to mend a broken heart right? Been there.. but as we can see there are other hearts willing to pick up the broken pieces to make it whole again. Look closely...

Notice the lil hearts near the broken once? There!!!

They go unnotice at times but actually, they're just there willing to help.

The Kapuso Sign ❤❤❤

Put together, it becomes a symbol of beauty amidst all negativities in life.
"Every exit is an entry to somewhere else" -Anon.
Be inspired and be in love all the time.

Cherry Maning

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