Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Harem Shake

Oh no not the famous "Harlem" Shake. I really meant "Harem", the 'once-famous' cut of pants. Yep! That's what I'm wearing in these photos taken last night at Abreeza Mall.
I am really not a fan of Harem pants but since it's summer and oh so super hot these times I don't feel like wearing denims.

My everyday 'no-brainer' attire this summer?
Leggings + loose top
sleeveless + stretch pants
shorts + loose blouses
Summer dresses!!!!

Adding a twist to my usual black leggings, I've worn my short Harem pants paired with a pretty mint green sheer top. It's so comfy.

Harem pants is also known as hammer pants, baggy loose pants tapered around the ankle (usually). But in my case, I'm wearing short Harem tapered below my knees. It is made of soft fabric, so smooth and comfortable. These pants resembles that of traditional attire of women in some Muslim countries.
If we have what we call as Harem pants, there is also what we call as Harem slippers like that of genies and persians. I don't have one yet and besides, it's flat. I'm not a fan of flats, slippers and even doll shoes.

My most loved shoes, Charles and Keith in black and gold suits my attire last night. My mint green blouse with ribbon collar is low cut and shows more of my skin making me look thinner, sexier, younger, fashionable, yet still formal and elegant. Just the way I want.

And the good news is, this attire can be yours too. Visit my store at Victoria Plaza, 2nd floor, inside La Tiendas de Moda, beside Wedding Gallery. The top is available in colors like, white, black, peach, etc. only for 350php. Black Harem pants in short or ankle length are available at 250php.

My date last night with her glitters shining bright.

cherry maning

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