Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Good Life

Having a good life doesn't mean getting what I want.
Because there are so many things that I wanted to have but I cannot get.
Some I cannot have yet as of the moment while there were things that I've lost in the past and I no longer have a grasp.
Worst, there are just things in life that are far beyond my reach...
Close to impossible.

Good life doesn't mean I'm doing the things that I want to do.
If so, I could've traveled the world and spent more time in recreation.
No work... No responsibility... No baggage...
But it's not like that.
It's all about doing the things I ought to do whether I like it or not.

My life is Cherryfic in so many ways but it's never easy.
Life is not all pleasure but sacrifice and hardwork.

What makes me love my life ? Well, I've pushed myself hard enough and I went beyond what's expected. I am now able to face my daily challenges with a strong and grateful heart that even if others try so hard to pull me down, I continue to rise and reap the fruits of my hardwork.
Life is good because I have proven that being myself and standing strong in faith, I can conquer all evil and find goodness in every difficult situation.
I am truly blessed. Thank God.
Cherry Maning

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