Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fit for Summer!

Hello lovey and hello world! I'm back to blogging again after so many days. Are you glad I'm back? You should be because I'm giving you some fashion inspiration for this summer season!

There is no doubt that Aztec is the most popular print this summer. Aside from the fact that these gorgeous lines are cool and unique in so many ways. It represents our tribal culture in a colorful way. And ind you guys these prints are not only salable in the Philippines but in other parts of Asia, Europe and Australia.
A timeless classic. Every summer, florals in colorul prints never cease to exist. It simply never dies. It exudes beauty, meekness and gentleness of feminine nature.
So how colorful would you like your summer to be? Aztec or Florals? Do e us know! Comment below
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All the best for SUMMER! Live life in Cherryfic way!


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