Sunday, March 31, 2013

April Fools

 BEHIND THE SCENES of the photo shoot for the April Fools Day album of my Cherryfic Finds Shop. 

It's fun to work with my family.

Grace and Dianne are my models and Wyndell of course is the Make-up Artist.

Grace is my sister and Dianne is my cousin. They may be newbies in modeling but they are improving every now and then.

My make-up artist, the one I always get whenever I have a stint is not the same make-up artist I have every morning at Una Ka Bai.

Wyndell is a stand-alone freelancer whose work is commendable, proven and tested. He is a simple make-up artist on the rise.You should get him. I will really recommend  him because he doesn't only have the Skills but also he has the right attitude. I know he will go far. 

Well, I am the overall Production Assistant and at the same time Producer.  It's fun to work off camera although a bit tiring. I am the one who takes care of the clothes after it is modeled. I see to it that the clothes are in good condition.

Being an assistant.... a manager... a sister and a friend ....

I would like to thank Mr. Richard Amora, photographer / owner of  "A" Photographs Studio at Obrero beside the Brewery along with his buddies Ric, the editor and Master Mark, the master of all masters (lol) for the great captures and fun shooting experience. 

OOOPS! By the way, watch out for this lovely blouse on AZTEC print soon at my shop. Yep! more designs and colors pretty soon darling. 


Cherry Maning 

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