Sunday, March 31, 2013

April Fools

 BEHIND THE SCENES of the photo shoot for the April Fools Day album of my Cherryfic Finds Shop. 

It's fun to work with my family.

Grace and Dianne are my models and Wyndell of course is the Make-up Artist.

Grace is my sister and Dianne is my cousin. They may be newbies in modeling but they are improving every now and then.

My make-up artist, the one I always get whenever I have a stint is not the same make-up artist I have every morning at Una Ka Bai.

Wyndell is a stand-alone freelancer whose work is commendable, proven and tested. He is a simple make-up artist on the rise.You should get him. I will really recommend  him because he doesn't only have the Skills but also he has the right attitude. I know he will go far. 

Well, I am the overall Production Assistant and at the same time Producer.  It's fun to work off camera although a bit tiring. I am the one who takes care of the clothes after it is modeled. I see to it that the clothes are in good condition.

Being an assistant.... a manager... a sister and a friend ....

I would like to thank Mr. Richard Amora, photographer / owner of  "A" Photographs Studio at Obrero beside the Brewery along with his buddies Ric, the editor and Master Mark, the master of all masters (lol) for the great captures and fun shooting experience. 

OOOPS! By the way, watch out for this lovely blouse on AZTEC print soon at my shop. Yep! more designs and colors pretty soon darling. 


Cherry Maning 

Fashion Show for a Cause

March 24, 2013 - Saturday at D'Leonor Hotel I hosted a FashionShow for a Cause for benefit of those who are in need through Philippine National Red Cross.

I was personally requested by the owners of both Rogine's Beauty Care and D'Leonor Hotel to host the event.
Ms. Mercedita Lim, Owner of D'Leonor Hotel
Rogine's is a major sponsor of the said event. Tita Susan and Tita Gene went with me but before we went to the venue, they pampered me at their salon the whole afternoon. I'm so loved and well taken care of. Thank You Rogine's!!!

Wonderful staff of Rogine's

Rogine's Beauty Care Staff and Beauticians

My make-up artist, the most humble, talented and always on the go, Wyndell Samuya.

He can transform the not-so-pretty into a GODDESS. He is simply the best. Should you need his magic touch, I'd leave his number at the CONTACTS section up above... See?

Don Lanzar, my co-host is a professional. He is a businessman and the President of Jaycees, a civic organization who's committed for the success of each member in every endeavor such as business, etc. while doing charity works for others.

The show was also attended by Mr. Jake Cuenca who sang three adorable songs that night.

As for my gowns, I'd like to thank Ms. Angel Gabuni for my first outfit. The black and white tube with the tutu sequins skirt as the highlight. I'm a Barbie Girl.

Of course, Wedding Channel for being so generous they dressed me up with this elegant black semi-gown. It's a cocktail dress with long black chiffon wrapped around. It's fantastic.

Thanks everyone for a wonderful night. I don't often host events in the city now because of my tight schedule but I couldn't say no because my presence is already a contribution to the Philippine National Red Cross as they continue to serve the humanity.


Friday, March 22, 2013

Skulls and Broken Hearts

Hello dear! Here's my UKB outfit for today.


Skulls for death
broken hearts for broken trust and love

These may be negative connotations but looking at the brighter side, skulls may mean death but would also mean renewed spirit or maybe an end to something unhealthy and painful which paves a way to eternal joy and happiness.

Also, it's hard to mend a broken heart right? Been there.. but as we can see there are other hearts willing to pick up the broken pieces to make it whole again. Look closely...

Notice the lil hearts near the broken once? There!!!

They go unnotice at times but actually, they're just there willing to help.

The Kapuso Sign ❤❤❤

Put together, it becomes a symbol of beauty amidst all negativities in life.
"Every exit is an entry to somewhere else" -Anon.
Be inspired and be in love all the time.

Cherry Maning

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Laces and Knitted Blouses are the most delicate yet sophisticated clothing for women. Delicate in the sense that you have to be very careful because it can easily be damaged by sharps and hooks etc. And sophisticated, ladylike and womanly. Here's my UKB outfit. Knits and Lace carefully combined in this blouse. It also comes with a leather 'strand'/ lace as belt.

Carefully choose your jewelry. It can make or break the whole attire.
Now look at the back view.

This attire is already sold. Right after my show, my besh texted me that she would love to have my outfit. But worry no more. We still have two items left for this style in brown and black.

Hope you like my OOTD.

Cherry Maning 😍

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Harem Shake

Oh no not the famous "Harlem" Shake. I really meant "Harem", the 'once-famous' cut of pants. Yep! That's what I'm wearing in these photos taken last night at Abreeza Mall.
I am really not a fan of Harem pants but since it's summer and oh so super hot these times I don't feel like wearing denims.

My everyday 'no-brainer' attire this summer?
Leggings + loose top
sleeveless + stretch pants
shorts + loose blouses
Summer dresses!!!!

Adding a twist to my usual black leggings, I've worn my short Harem pants paired with a pretty mint green sheer top. It's so comfy.

Harem pants is also known as hammer pants, baggy loose pants tapered around the ankle (usually). But in my case, I'm wearing short Harem tapered below my knees. It is made of soft fabric, so smooth and comfortable. These pants resembles that of traditional attire of women in some Muslim countries.
If we have what we call as Harem pants, there is also what we call as Harem slippers like that of genies and persians. I don't have one yet and besides, it's flat. I'm not a fan of flats, slippers and even doll shoes.

My most loved shoes, Charles and Keith in black and gold suits my attire last night. My mint green blouse with ribbon collar is low cut and shows more of my skin making me look thinner, sexier, younger, fashionable, yet still formal and elegant. Just the way I want.

And the good news is, this attire can be yours too. Visit my store at Victoria Plaza, 2nd floor, inside La Tiendas de Moda, beside Wedding Gallery. The top is available in colors like, white, black, peach, etc. only for 350php. Black Harem pants in short or ankle length are available at 250php.

My date last night with her glitters shining bright.

cherry maning

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Good Life

Having a good life doesn't mean getting what I want.
Because there are so many things that I wanted to have but I cannot get.
Some I cannot have yet as of the moment while there were things that I've lost in the past and I no longer have a grasp.
Worst, there are just things in life that are far beyond my reach...
Close to impossible.

Good life doesn't mean I'm doing the things that I want to do.
If so, I could've traveled the world and spent more time in recreation.
No work... No responsibility... No baggage...
But it's not like that.
It's all about doing the things I ought to do whether I like it or not.

My life is Cherryfic in so many ways but it's never easy.
Life is not all pleasure but sacrifice and hardwork.

What makes me love my life ? Well, I've pushed myself hard enough and I went beyond what's expected. I am now able to face my daily challenges with a strong and grateful heart that even if others try so hard to pull me down, I continue to rise and reap the fruits of my hardwork.
Life is good because I have proven that being myself and standing strong in faith, I can conquer all evil and find goodness in every difficult situation.
I am truly blessed. Thank God.
Cherry Maning

Friday, March 8, 2013

That Little Dress

Attending a cocktail party or maybe a corporate event? Try these lovely dresses and create a statement!

The color and the dress we choose defines our mood/personality. In this case we have four lovely dresses to analyze.

Undeniably, red is sexy and because of that in other countries wearing red is not so suitable in formal events. They wear black instead. Red is simply seductive and it draws a lot of attention. But for the Chinese, red dress is the perfect color for celebrations like birthdays, new year, etc. red brings fortune for them. While black and white means death and grieving, red means life, prosperity, fortune and good luck.
Yellow is the political color of the Aquino administration. Yellow means people power. But aside from the most popular statement it creates (referring to the yellow ribbon movement) yellow brings hope and refreshment. Psychologists say that wearing clothes in bright colors shows the manic personality of a person. Usually when we wear striking colors, it is equivalent to our happy and joyful mood. I am guilty of that. I live a happy life that's why.
Pink is feminine. Speaking of feminine,we are celebrating today the 104th International Women's Month. The color emphasizes our female nature: gentle and meek, loving, caring and nurturing. But don't you know that PINK is originally a masculine color? TRIVIA!
Oh God black! What more can I say? Elegance, formality, sexiness and classical. Whatever style your dress may have if the color is black, you'll never be overdressed or underdressed.
So what's your color?

Cherry Maning :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fit for Summer!

Hello lovey and hello world! I'm back to blogging again after so many days. Are you glad I'm back? You should be because I'm giving you some fashion inspiration for this summer season!

There is no doubt that Aztec is the most popular print this summer. Aside from the fact that these gorgeous lines are cool and unique in so many ways. It represents our tribal culture in a colorful way. And ind you guys these prints are not only salable in the Philippines but in other parts of Asia, Europe and Australia.
A timeless classic. Every summer, florals in colorul prints never cease to exist. It simply never dies. It exudes beauty, meekness and gentleness of feminine nature.
So how colorful would you like your summer to be? Aztec or Florals? Do e us know! Comment below
For more info visit my Cherryfic Facebook page and start shopping now.

All the best for SUMMER! Live life in Cherryfic way!