Sunday, February 3, 2013

They Were Once Kids

Today marks the beginning of my sister and cousin's new career as models. Lol. I never thought that these kids will grow up too soon and that they'd be perfect for my product launch for the month of February. It seems like that these girls have the innate potential to be a star.

Grace is the Captain ball of the Volleyball Varsity Team while Dianne is a Diva in the making. I can't help but be proud of my girls.

Here's the BTS pictures of our photoshoot earlier today. These are raw unedited pictures.

Cherryfic Finds provided the outfit. It'll be available at the store this week. There modeling for my bags. 15 new designs will be out today.

Not only that, they're also modeling for my clothing line.

Aren't they pretty? :) Cherryfic!

What about me? Hahaha... This will be the very first time you'll see me in my most naked, unprepared, messy, undone, photographer look.

No make-up, no pretension... Just me :)


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