Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lovely Ladies with a Heart

Girl POWER! Meet my new found friend, Misch.
Today, I visited a good friend of mine who's a mother of three lovely kids and a perfect wife. Other than that, she handles their family business, First Finest Electical Supplies. Yep! This lovely fashionista rocks!
Like me, she loves clothes and make-up.

She's CHERRYFIC in many ways! What I admire the most is that, even though business and family life get stressful at times, she remains graceful and fabulous. It's because she knows how to take care of herself. She handles herself well.

I just wish that when the time comes that I'll become a mother and a wife, I'd still look young and fresh like her.

By the way, First Finest Electrical Trading Corp. offers state of the art equipment that will cater all your electrical needs. They can also deliver your orders at your doorsteps should you wish for it. For inquiries, call (082) 228-6150 , 235-4094 and 226-8361

To complete my day, I had dinner with the person we (you and I) miss the most, Farah. I know you guys are wondering if we ever meet or get together these times. Some people also ask if we're not in good terms. Showbiz huh! Lol. Truth is, we're both busy with so many things in life and as much as we want to get along sometimes our schedules do not meet.

Luckily, we were able to get hold of each other after two weeks. Life's pretty much smooth sailing now, thank God!

Chilling with the BUDGET BARBIE at Giligans SM Lanang.
Catching up! Food trip like what we usually do. <3
Watch out for our FOOD BLOG soon.

When I got home, i received this...

So sweet of you guys!
Love ya!

GRAB MY LOOK @ Cherryfic Finds
TOP and SKIRT: Cheryfic Finds
ACCESSORIES: Lux Life (Hermes), Tory Burch, Chariol
SHOES and BAG: Charles and Keith

farah's Paparazzi shot! (men's restroom).

Sharing with you Farah's gorgeous shoes: Primadonna

Friendship transcends time and distance. I always believe that close
friends never cease to care even though busy and unable to see each other often.

What's great is that BUDGET BARBIE will always be CHERRYFIC!
No competition... No hurt feelings... Because we love each other and we respect each others individuality and uniqueness. No insecurities just pure friendship.

~ Our post VDAY celebration ~

It's great to chill with fun-loving and happy friends.


Good thing I have friends who are beautiful inside and out.

This season of LOVE, choose to care rather than hate :)



Cherry Maning


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