Sunday, February 17, 2013

Letting Pabs Go

Letting go of my Pabby is one of the most painful things that ever happened to me. I've never been attached to my pet dog this much.

Born on 5 December 2012 the day after Typhoon Pablo's wreck, I came to visit Peewee boy's first born pups. He was just this small back then. Though I know from the very beggining that he's not staying with us for a long time, we took care of him like he's never gonna leave.

At 2weeks old
I spent time, effort and energy to give him the best puppy life so that he'll grow up as a strong, healthy, happy Lab. Because he was just weeks old when I got him, he was such a baby crying when he needs to pee or poop. He also don't wanna step outside the house, he wants to carried while strolling. He's such a good boy. I was hoping he'd stay. But he needs to go.

I will miss you my baby pabs. Hope you won't forget me and all of us. Keep the puppy toy I gave you and dont eat Bow wow all the time. Drink plenty of water. Be a good boy always.

Back before I can't seem to get it why people cry over their pets.
Now I understand the real meaning of PET love.
Puppy Love!

Be brave!

I love you!


Cherry M


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  2. =( your baby pabs will be okay..

    1. He's grown fat na :) heheh I visited him yesterday


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