Sunday, February 24, 2013


Happiness is also "synonymous" to bags, shoes, clothes and make-up! You're not yet a certified fashionista if you don't agree! It's a girl thing and all these makes us happy. Believe me, no matter how expensive or inexpensive these things that you avail, it would always boil down to being a "girl" and it will always make us happy.

But as a smart / practical fashionista, I don't spend that much in clothing wherein styles change overtime. It's better to have the fashionable, not-so-expensive clothing and have a closet full of it rather than spend big bucks to very few not so stylish clothes. Thus, my store was created to give the people an option of choosing fashion and style in a very affordable price. And mind you guys, my items are far from being cheap. I only choose those with the best quality and everything, as in everything in my clothes speaks about me and my personality.

First of all, I'm a happy person! As you can see,I have the most colorful prints and plains. It speaks about my vibrant and jolly personality. I'm the kind of person who wants to brighten other peoples lives. I have a very good life!

I'm simple and practical. I'm contented of what I have.

I love prizes and surprises!

I can be Daring at times.

I am formal and elegant.

How about you? Exude your real personality through your choice of clothes. Wear your best and flaunt it. It will not cost you much if you just know how to pick the right items. You have to invest in your looks because people who are comfortable and happy with their outfits are the most confident! And once again, confidence is sexy.


Cherry Maning

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