Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wedge Sneakers

Hooray for me! I'm blogging once again. I know you missed me so much. Am I right? Well, I know it's been a while. The last time I did this was when I was still starting on my business. I really didn't mean to stop blogging. Im really sorry if you felt left alone. It just so happened that my photo uploads reached its limit and I can't post anymore. It's so sad.

But weary no more because I'm back. And I do hope and pray that I can catch up to what we've lost. A lot f things already happened in my life and you surely are not updated anymore. So.....

Let's start off with my wedge shoes! Yep! You've seen my instagram and Facebook post and it's 'Cherryfic'! A lot of people actually asked me if that's also available in my store huh! Wow... I wish! But no... Not yet... I bought it at forever21. It's not so new. I've seen those shoes in Manila last December and I was really hoping to buy one but unfortunately, it's the last ugly pair left. It's a no-no!

When Farah BBMed me a photo of the shoes available at F21 I went crazy and bought one immediately! So we went out on a date together using our new found lovely sneakers and believe me, it's one of the hardest fashion challenge I faced.

Why? I have huge legs! It's not slim so its really hard for me to look thin. Thus, black leggings. Next, the shoes is the highlight of the whole outfit and as you can see its big and people can notice it on the spot therefore do not accessorize too much. Keep it low and simple. I don't want to be super aggressive and too wrapped up. After all this is Philippines, a tropical country. I want to be plain, nude and neutral to give justice to my shoes. Lastly, I'm not used to wearing bulky shoes and people of Davao is also not so used to seeing people wearing those. I hate to look like wearing men's rubber shoes or a desperate gym addict. I want to be like those Hollywood stars comfortable in wearing those shoes in their casual/edgy look.

Thank God! After an hour of thinking and experimenting, I finally found the right combination! Thank goodness I achieved the kind of look I envisioned myself of having. But the next question is... What's the next? Find out on my next wedge sneakers blog.
Cherry Maning

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