Sunday, February 24, 2013


Happiness is also "synonymous" to bags, shoes, clothes and make-up! You're not yet a certified fashionista if you don't agree! It's a girl thing and all these makes us happy. Believe me, no matter how expensive or inexpensive these things that you avail, it would always boil down to being a "girl" and it will always make us happy.

But as a smart / practical fashionista, I don't spend that much in clothing wherein styles change overtime. It's better to have the fashionable, not-so-expensive clothing and have a closet full of it rather than spend big bucks to very few not so stylish clothes. Thus, my store was created to give the people an option of choosing fashion and style in a very affordable price. And mind you guys, my items are far from being cheap. I only choose those with the best quality and everything, as in everything in my clothes speaks about me and my personality.

First of all, I'm a happy person! As you can see,I have the most colorful prints and plains. It speaks about my vibrant and jolly personality. I'm the kind of person who wants to brighten other peoples lives. I have a very good life!

I'm simple and practical. I'm contented of what I have.

I love prizes and surprises!

I can be Daring at times.

I am formal and elegant.

How about you? Exude your real personality through your choice of clothes. Wear your best and flaunt it. It will not cost you much if you just know how to pick the right items. You have to invest in your looks because people who are comfortable and happy with their outfits are the most confident! And once again, confidence is sexy.


Cherry Maning

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Letting Pabs Go

Letting go of my Pabby is one of the most painful things that ever happened to me. I've never been attached to my pet dog this much.

Born on 5 December 2012 the day after Typhoon Pablo's wreck, I came to visit Peewee boy's first born pups. He was just this small back then. Though I know from the very beggining that he's not staying with us for a long time, we took care of him like he's never gonna leave.

At 2weeks old
I spent time, effort and energy to give him the best puppy life so that he'll grow up as a strong, healthy, happy Lab. Because he was just weeks old when I got him, he was such a baby crying when he needs to pee or poop. He also don't wanna step outside the house, he wants to carried while strolling. He's such a good boy. I was hoping he'd stay. But he needs to go.

I will miss you my baby pabs. Hope you won't forget me and all of us. Keep the puppy toy I gave you and dont eat Bow wow all the time. Drink plenty of water. Be a good boy always.

Back before I can't seem to get it why people cry over their pets.
Now I understand the real meaning of PET love.
Puppy Love!

Be brave!

I love you!


Cherry M

Lovely Ladies with a Heart

Girl POWER! Meet my new found friend, Misch.
Today, I visited a good friend of mine who's a mother of three lovely kids and a perfect wife. Other than that, she handles their family business, First Finest Electical Supplies. Yep! This lovely fashionista rocks!
Like me, she loves clothes and make-up.

She's CHERRYFIC in many ways! What I admire the most is that, even though business and family life get stressful at times, she remains graceful and fabulous. It's because she knows how to take care of herself. She handles herself well.

I just wish that when the time comes that I'll become a mother and a wife, I'd still look young and fresh like her.

By the way, First Finest Electrical Trading Corp. offers state of the art equipment that will cater all your electrical needs. They can also deliver your orders at your doorsteps should you wish for it. For inquiries, call (082) 228-6150 , 235-4094 and 226-8361

To complete my day, I had dinner with the person we (you and I) miss the most, Farah. I know you guys are wondering if we ever meet or get together these times. Some people also ask if we're not in good terms. Showbiz huh! Lol. Truth is, we're both busy with so many things in life and as much as we want to get along sometimes our schedules do not meet.

Luckily, we were able to get hold of each other after two weeks. Life's pretty much smooth sailing now, thank God!

Chilling with the BUDGET BARBIE at Giligans SM Lanang.
Catching up! Food trip like what we usually do. <3
Watch out for our FOOD BLOG soon.

When I got home, i received this...

So sweet of you guys!
Love ya!

GRAB MY LOOK @ Cherryfic Finds
TOP and SKIRT: Cheryfic Finds
ACCESSORIES: Lux Life (Hermes), Tory Burch, Chariol
SHOES and BAG: Charles and Keith

farah's Paparazzi shot! (men's restroom).

Sharing with you Farah's gorgeous shoes: Primadonna

Friendship transcends time and distance. I always believe that close
friends never cease to care even though busy and unable to see each other often.

What's great is that BUDGET BARBIE will always be CHERRYFIC!
No competition... No hurt feelings... Because we love each other and we respect each others individuality and uniqueness. No insecurities just pure friendship.

~ Our post VDAY celebration ~

It's great to chill with fun-loving and happy friends.


Good thing I have friends who are beautiful inside and out.

This season of LOVE, choose to care rather than hate :)



Cherry Maning


Friday, February 15, 2013

The Chase

Oh my! I never thought my Valentine's Day would be as funny and as nerve-racking as this! I got chased by "cops".

Alright! Here's what happened today, after UKB me and Dotty had a mini-shoot inside my room, then we went to our UKB clothes supplier, and so on and so forth... The usual routine.

5pm we had our UKB shoot for our Valentine's Special. We visited our winner and brought them surprises.

And since I announced an anti Vday campaign at Cherryfic Finds, wherein food and drinks will be served and single ladies shopping will get special discounts, many people came. I apologize that I came in late. I never thought that the shoot will take so much time plus, it's traffic downtown because everyone's busy with their VDAY dates and whereabouts.

The food wasn't served until I came. I'm super doooper sorry for what happened.

And although it's an hour before closing time, Mary Flor Calañas and her sister Maggie really made the party complete! Some shoppers availed of the free pizza and drinks. We took pictures and it was fun. Flor is so sweet! She brought me presents from Palawan.

I'm so blessed by the way because I received lots of gifts from people who really went out of their way to see me. Like my friend, Jenny Francisco and boyfriend Ruel who brought drinks as promised. Later did i know that theyve waited for hours just to show support to my mini party. I'm so grateful. Flor gave me a beautiful hat and Hopia. One emissary was sent by someone and brought flowers and a card... Etc... Etc...

We were all having fun not until we went to exit the V.Plaza with no car pass. The guard at the entrance forgot to give me one and it's causing too much delay when I've already explained my side. Since we were not guilty and it's causing too much inconvenience, plus we were all hungry, I went on driving even if he's still checking on the guard at the entrance. I was a bit guilty for being impatient. But I got a little bit of hint that they're just trying to make us stay longer because all the guards where smiling and they weren't so quick to act on the matter. Like "seriously"? I'm a bit guilty for the petty crime I did though. Lol. And I'm quite certain they'll report me to the authorities or maybe chase us! I wasn't speeding though. I just went on like nothing happened.

After picking up some UKB clothes where I left thm earlier, we went back to Victoia Plaza to enjoy the sumptuous meal that the Ibañez family ordered. Speaking of 'nakikain' haha. Flor, Maggie and I were so full and thankful for the delicious meal.

When it's time to go home, I drove the car to the bus stop at Buhangin because Flor will take an hour bus trip to Tagum. After that, we were chilling driving around very relaxed. But our eyes went big when we heard a loud siren coming after us.

D: Police? Are they chasing us?

C: are they after us? Is it because Of what we did at VP? Omg!

I honestly got so scared and went speeding. And we were shouting and we were "omg! Abtik abtik! Omg... Naa Na sila... Hala! Kita gyud gisundan...". The siren went louder and louder. It's followingus and we need to get rid of them so we were trying to figure out which way to go and find refuge. I was quick to think of a way out but every time we slow down and hear the siren we get soooo freaking nervous. We didn't mind the humps and bumps etc. But at the back of my mind, I was wondering why we were escaping... I was so carried away by the screams of Dotty! Haha I was so nervous and excited at the same time. I felt the adrenaline rush. We hid on a very dark place and waited for the blue and red lights fade away and the siren, inaudible. The forward wheel fell on the sewage and we heard the bumper crashed. We tried hard to get out of the pit. And we were screaming because the "cops" are near. I was almost hopeless but good thing we were able to pushback and off we went through the dark narrow alley.

We were chasing our breaths and we tried to keep calm then. We checked for damages on my car while we were laughing because we thought we outsmarted the cops. Yes! We did it. Then we planned our exit. But we asked each other "why did we try to escape? We never did anything bad."... "wait is it really the cops?"...

And so we decided that we're not going to escape anymore because in the first place, there's nothing to be afraid of. So we went back driving on the streets and then few blocks away, we saw an ambulance. Yes! All the while we thought we were being chased by cops only to realize, false alarm, it's an ambulance.

We were laughing out loud! Haha paranoid much? It was the funniest experience ever! I was sweating cold, afraid of the cops for nothing. Haha! We were so serious and we both believed that we were being chased. I almost destroyed my bumper and etc.

Really, it made my day! ... such a memorable Vday! now I know the feeling of being chased by cops.

Few things I realized,

  1. I have no control over some circumstances an I shouldn't stress too much on minute details.
  2. I will never schedule two big events without proper time allowance.
  3. Never forget to ask for car pass.
  4. Keep calm and stay alert. Make sure it's really the police ;)
  5. Wear the right lenses / eyeglass for better view.
  6. Try to check on the difference between the police and ambulance siren.
I'm so happy and blessed to have great people beside me sharing with me moments like this. I've never imagined how fun my VDAY will be. Thanks for the wonderful experience dear God. Thanks for my family and friends.



cherry maning


Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Girls went GAGA over my newest addition to February Collection. After posting these pictures on Facebook, I received lots of messages on my inbox ! Likes and comments flooded my Facebook page which is by the way,

I used this pink floral dress at UKB today. Right after the show, someone already claimed the dress. Yep! Early reservation!

Right after UKB we had our photoshoot (unplanned). It was a quick one! We did the shoot for 30 minutes only.

Back to my collection, I think everyone's up to getting dolled up this valentines and this dress seem to perfectly fit on everyone's fashion taste! It's sexy and a little bit conservative. It's soft and body hugging.
It brings out the sexyness in you :)
cherry Maning


Monday, February 11, 2013

Calling All the SINGLE LADIES


Up up and away... Here goes Super Maning!

If nobody has invited you yet on Valentine's Day or you're feeling lonely because of heartbreak, let's gather at my store! Yes! I'm cordially inviting all single women to join us on Thursday night from 6 to 8 pm. Glam up and be pretty with your most charming smile and pretty outfits. Let's celebrate our status, "single".

If you're a little bit shy about it, hello?! Here's a tip! There's nothing to be ashamed of if you're single just like me! You have to accept yourself and your status! Thus, claim the title...

There's probably a gazillion reasons we can think of why we are single but there's one common denominator, we're all fabulous! And it's way way way better to be single than to be sorry. What you have to do right now is to be happy with your situation. Why?

  1. We won't have to worry about our Valentine's gifts.
  2. We can wear what we want and glam up without boyfriends telling us what not to wear.
  3. We can spend more time being beautiful (spa, salon, make-up, etc...)
  4. We can spend time dating and getting to know other people and try different stuffs.
  5. You'll never have to share gingivitis (joke!)
  6. We will realize what we want and what we need in our lives....
  7. We'll never have to waste a single moment with the wrong guy, etc.. Etc...
Why don't you give me many more reasons?.... 8... 9... 10...

Again, worry no more if you're single on Valentine's! Join me and let's celebrate together! Life is CHERRYFIC!



Cherry Maning