Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Big Guy

Another reason to be happy this new year is a huge huge bear, an extraordinary gift I've received.

One big bear is enough for the princess to smile. Look.

He's so cuddly.. So huggable..
He is BIG TIME. He's huge. He's Boogie, my big love.
Believe me when I say he's bigger and even taller than me

Standing up.
I'm teaching him how to walk lol. Kidding.

Now you know how tall he is. :) if I'm 5'4" he's probably a 6 footer.
He's the new guy in my life. I just love my BOOGIE BEAR.
My brother's girlfriend also have the same bear. It was my brother's gift to her on their Anniversary.

Love. Love. Love


Cherry Maning

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