Monday, January 14, 2013

Red Like This

Hi there! I've been busy for a while. I'm finally putting up my own clothing business. It's a cute little boutique where you can find my fabulous picks from dresses to jewelries etc. etc... It's gonna open tomorrow at 12 noon and I'm really excited about it. Putting up a business in a hurry is not a good idea because i always believe that with good preparation comes better results. But sometimes, ideas just pop out and when opportunity comes, if you're really into it and you have what it takes, you wouldn't think twice. Anyway, I'm really passionate about this so wish me luck guys!

Here's what you've been waiting for, my outfit post for this morning's UKB.

My outfit is really cute. It's Korean Fashion. I don't have to explain why I'm wearing red on a Monday. Read my old posts.

This outfit is from SIMPLE &CHIC and I've worn the blue version of this in November 2012 during he "ScareVenger Hunt". Click this.

You decide what color is best for me. Moving on, I'd like to invite you all tomorrow. Pls come to my store's grand opening. CHERRYFIC FINDS is located at La TIENDAS, 2nd Floor Victoria Plaza.

Cherry Maning

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