Thursday, January 3, 2013

Parasailing in Davao

Unforgettable indeed. When I went to Boracay I was really hoping I could try parasailing but too bad I wasn't. Who would've thought I could find this right here in Davao? It's not so popular here unlike in Boracay. Actually, I've never seen such thing in our beaches not until last summer 2012.

Wind and Wave Davao gave me my first ever thrilling and super doooper exciting ocean adventure, parasailing. I'm very much thankful for the opportunity. It's one of the perks and privileges of being a segment host. I stayed up in the sky for long. Actually, the most heart-pounding part of the adventure was the releasing of the parachute from the boat. It's like your being thrown away and taken by the winds. Once you're up there, it's already calm and serene. Of course, you get to enjoy the scenery alone.

Our segment was also featured on national television for summer getaways. Perfect!

Cherry Maning


  1. do they still have this one here? Murag la kaayo ko makita lately. sa Gensan lang.

    1. I'm not sure. Pero Meron naman tlga siguro namamahalan Lang yong mga tao. Konti Lang din yata ang may Alam na Meron pala :)


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