Thursday, January 17, 2013

GMA Davao's Newest OB Van

In my three years in UKB, this is what I got. Their gift to me... Joke! This is the GMA OBVan where the engineers / SROs who are in-charge with our live coverage on the field monitor or pick up the commands from the head station.

This is where the important equipment such as satellite dish, etc. are placed for the shoot.

Our picture here was taken from our Cebu OBB shoot on March 2012. The day after I broke up with my exadooo.

But this isn't final yet. The picture will be changed as there are changes happening right now. It's so sad that someone should go. I thought I'd be the first one to leave. Anyway, Dotty and Uncle D should be on the picture too.

I'm staying. Looking forward for a wonderful 2013 still, with GMA.

Cherry Maning

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