Friday, January 18, 2013


I didn't know that clothing business could be fun, exciting, yet tiring at the same time. For the past couple of days, I've been brainstorming, imagining, shopping, going around, selling,... Etc... Etc...

I love clothes. I super love clothes and styling. I've been modeling for other boutiques and people totally love how I carry my outfit. I even receive messages about how they love to look at what I wear every morning at UKB. They are really looking forward on what I'll be wearing for the day.

Well that gave birth to my blog. Although it has been almost a diary of a young sassy girl, the main goal was to showcase whatever inspiring stories I have that's worth sharing including my realizations. And of course, it wont be complete without my outfit post so that people won't miss my fashion for the day.

My body is like a machine. It runs out of energy. It's almost worn out because of the everyday stresses that I encounter. I don't know why but I can't sleep well thinking about my mini business. It's funny! I could stay up all night thinking about the many exciting things about my business. It's like I'm taking care of a baby until it grows up healthy and strong. Now I also understand how important it is not to waste a single cent. Kuripot na gamay. Lol.

Overall, it's fun, tiring, exciting yet difficult but very very fulfilling. I do hope that you also try to have your own business guys. And remember, business lies in the heart of the owner. If in her heart she only wants profit and doesn't mind about what's fashion and whats good for both sides, the business will not prosper but with your passion, dedication and commitment to give the best possible outcome for more fabulous fashionista costumers, who I call "beshies" by the way, you'll surely reach soul-satisfaction. Go for it!

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