Monday, January 7, 2013


Another day with Farah Z.

Yesterday, we decided to do an ocular visit and taste test (business side) and then we went movie dating and eating ice cream at Fruits in ice cream at The Peak, Gaisano Mall. Weird huh? On a cold rainy/cloudy day?
I have no plans to take photos yesterday. Even told Farah I really don't want to go out because of my skin but then again, if you wanna succeed in business, you gotta press forward and push harder.

So what I'm going to share with you today is all about concealing skin imperfections and the importance of using a dual foundation. 

But before that, let's talk about my outfit! okay? Simple yet sophisticated, formal yet bubbly, isn't it?

I love wearing long sleeves and pairing it shorts or a tight fitting pants. Remember what I told you guys? In combining clothes, loose:fitting, long:short. If top is loose, pair it with tights or short pants. If you wear loose top and big pants, tendency is, you'll look fat. If you wear tight top and super tight bottoms, still, you'll look fat. People will only focus on your curves and little bumps. Unless you have real Perfect body, then go for it.

Look at Farah's outfit. Nice contrast and proportion. 

Even the cover girl, Liz Uy, applies the same technique. I've read it in the December issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine. By the way, thanks Joemar D. for my Pais Hilton Bag.

Now let's move on to make-up. How did I conceal my 'not-so-okay' skin? First of all, my foundation which is really white, bounces more light in the camera making me look whiter. I used the lightest shade of Ever Bilena (White Beige) and Mac Foundation (NC 15).

I don't like oily skin. I prefer a matte effect.

The first that I've applied on my face is my moisturizer. Then I pressed some Mac Foundation on it and lastly, my Ever Bilena. Ever Bilena is a dual foundation. It could be used with wet sponge or dry. It is my favorite dual Foundation.

If your skin is peeling, it will be more obvious if you use dry powder foundation. It is always best to keep it moist using a liquid foundation. However, I don't use plain liquid foundation. Anything oily and liquid will attract more germs causing pimples. For me the better alternative is to use a dual foundation for a perfect matte effect. 

Apply dual foundation on your face using a dry sponge. The natural oil of your face and water excretion on your pores will make your foundation adapt to the natural complexion and smoothness of the skin thus, you will not look powdery. If your skin is really dry, Evian water spray will help. Spray a little amount of water to freshen up your skin. The water will moist your face so pat it with sponge to remove excess water.

With a dual foundation even if you get ultra mega super sweaty, the foundation will adapt to your skin. Besides, the main point of putting on foundation is to create an impression of a perfect skin. And the greatest mistake and the ugliest thing to happen is for your foundation to cake. You'll look fake. With a dual foundation, trust me, you'll never go wrong. Dual is oh so natural

Cherry Maning

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