Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Boracay Beach

Hi! This is me again doing some flashback and today I'll take you to my Boracay Escapade which happened last year.

I went there in April 2012. That was the first and last time I visited the place. I didn't enjoy that much because I wasn't able to try helmet diving, parasailing, etc. I was also emotionally unstable that time. Too bad I missed some ocean adventures that's why I want to visit Boracay again and hopefully, I'll  be with my siblings the next time for a more enjoyable trip.

I stayed at Hotel Soffia which is situated a bit far from civilization which was helpful because I needed a break. I just wanted to rest during that time.Though it's far from the stations, transportation is not a problem. The hotel has a shuttle service to drive you back and forth the beach and hotel. 

I loved staying at the hotel. It's peaceful and quiet and far from the hustle and bustle of the party places at the beachside. In the afternoon, I'll be at the infinity pool waiting for sunset.

My most unforgettable experience there was the Boracay Helicopter ride. I enjoyed the view of the whole island on top. Truly, breathtaking.

See? It's a paradise.

Hoping for a wonderful trip back to this place with my family. Wanna come with us? Don't worry I'll take you there too through my pictures.

Cherry Maning


  1. awesome! i love the helicopter ride! :)

  2. Such a wonderful place for relaxation.Truly a place where you can be with your family,friends and etc.Guys out there who wants some breathtaking experience, come and visit boracay beach and you will enjoy.

  3. Helicopter ride? That's so cool! How much did you pay for the helicopter ride in Boracay? We'd surely want to try the ride one of these days.


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