Friday, January 18, 2013


I didn't know that clothing business could be fun, exciting, yet tiring at the same time. For the past couple of days, I've been brainstorming, imagining, shopping, going around, selling,... Etc... Etc...

I love clothes. I super love clothes and styling. I've been modeling for other boutiques and people totally love how I carry my outfit. I even receive messages about how they love to look at what I wear every morning at UKB. They are really looking forward on what I'll be wearing for the day.

Well that gave birth to my blog. Although it has been almost a diary of a young sassy girl, the main goal was to showcase whatever inspiring stories I have that's worth sharing including my realizations. And of course, it wont be complete without my outfit post so that people won't miss my fashion for the day.

My body is like a machine. It runs out of energy. It's almost worn out because of the everyday stresses that I encounter. I don't know why but I can't sleep well thinking about my mini business. It's funny! I could stay up all night thinking about the many exciting things about my business. It's like I'm taking care of a baby until it grows up healthy and strong. Now I also understand how important it is not to waste a single cent. Kuripot na gamay. Lol.

Overall, it's fun, tiring, exciting yet difficult but very very fulfilling. I do hope that you also try to have your own business guys. And remember, business lies in the heart of the owner. If in her heart she only wants profit and doesn't mind about what's fashion and whats good for both sides, the business will not prosper but with your passion, dedication and commitment to give the best possible outcome for more fabulous fashionista costumers, who I call "beshies" by the way, you'll surely reach soul-satisfaction. Go for it!

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Cherry Maning

Thursday, January 17, 2013

GMA Davao's Newest OB Van

In my three years in UKB, this is what I got. Their gift to me... Joke! This is the GMA OBVan where the engineers / SROs who are in-charge with our live coverage on the field monitor or pick up the commands from the head station.

This is where the important equipment such as satellite dish, etc. are placed for the shoot.

Our picture here was taken from our Cebu OBB shoot on March 2012. The day after I broke up with my exadooo.

But this isn't final yet. The picture will be changed as there are changes happening right now. It's so sad that someone should go. I thought I'd be the first one to leave. Anyway, Dotty and Uncle D should be on the picture too.

I'm staying. Looking forward for a wonderful 2013 still, with GMA.

Cherry Maning

Monday, January 14, 2013

Red Like This

Hi there! I've been busy for a while. I'm finally putting up my own clothing business. It's a cute little boutique where you can find my fabulous picks from dresses to jewelries etc. etc... It's gonna open tomorrow at 12 noon and I'm really excited about it. Putting up a business in a hurry is not a good idea because i always believe that with good preparation comes better results. But sometimes, ideas just pop out and when opportunity comes, if you're really into it and you have what it takes, you wouldn't think twice. Anyway, I'm really passionate about this so wish me luck guys!

Here's what you've been waiting for, my outfit post for this morning's UKB.

My outfit is really cute. It's Korean Fashion. I don't have to explain why I'm wearing red on a Monday. Read my old posts.

This outfit is from SIMPLE &CHIC and I've worn the blue version of this in November 2012 during he "ScareVenger Hunt". Click this.

You decide what color is best for me. Moving on, I'd like to invite you all tomorrow. Pls come to my store's grand opening. CHERRYFIC FINDS is located at La TIENDAS, 2nd Floor Victoria Plaza.

Cherry Maning

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hello there! How have you been? I know you've waited too long for my next post. So here it is...

This is my UKB outfit for today.

Top: Simple & Chic Online Buotique
Skirt: Apartment 8

My top and skirt have the same assymetrical cut and in the same direction. I wouldn't combine the two if it isn't on the same direction or else,it wouldn't be so nice to look at.

My top has some cuts on the sides showing my arms. I didn't know I'd look sexy with this attire. I was actually thinking I'm more conservative today. But thanks to the weird cuts.
This is just exactly what I want, unique with twist of elegance. I really don't intend to look odd. Fashion is not about looking odd of course. But then when you wear something beyond the usual, it catches attention and that's an additional factor.

I may not have the perfect legs but as I always say, "confidence" is sexy. But over confidence is also, "over"... Lol.

Back view

Accessories: Forever21

Shoes: Charles and Keith

There you have it. I hope you liked my post for today.


Monday, January 7, 2013


Another day with Farah Z.

Yesterday, we decided to do an ocular visit and taste test (business side) and then we went movie dating and eating ice cream at Fruits in ice cream at The Peak, Gaisano Mall. Weird huh? On a cold rainy/cloudy day?
I have no plans to take photos yesterday. Even told Farah I really don't want to go out because of my skin but then again, if you wanna succeed in business, you gotta press forward and push harder.

So what I'm going to share with you today is all about concealing skin imperfections and the importance of using a dual foundation. 

But before that, let's talk about my outfit! okay? Simple yet sophisticated, formal yet bubbly, isn't it?

I love wearing long sleeves and pairing it shorts or a tight fitting pants. Remember what I told you guys? In combining clothes, loose:fitting, long:short. If top is loose, pair it with tights or short pants. If you wear loose top and big pants, tendency is, you'll look fat. If you wear tight top and super tight bottoms, still, you'll look fat. People will only focus on your curves and little bumps. Unless you have real Perfect body, then go for it.

Look at Farah's outfit. Nice contrast and proportion. 

Even the cover girl, Liz Uy, applies the same technique. I've read it in the December issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine. By the way, thanks Joemar D. for my Pais Hilton Bag.

Now let's move on to make-up. How did I conceal my 'not-so-okay' skin? First of all, my foundation which is really white, bounces more light in the camera making me look whiter. I used the lightest shade of Ever Bilena (White Beige) and Mac Foundation (NC 15).

I don't like oily skin. I prefer a matte effect.

The first that I've applied on my face is my moisturizer. Then I pressed some Mac Foundation on it and lastly, my Ever Bilena. Ever Bilena is a dual foundation. It could be used with wet sponge or dry. It is my favorite dual Foundation.

If your skin is peeling, it will be more obvious if you use dry powder foundation. It is always best to keep it moist using a liquid foundation. However, I don't use plain liquid foundation. Anything oily and liquid will attract more germs causing pimples. For me the better alternative is to use a dual foundation for a perfect matte effect. 

Apply dual foundation on your face using a dry sponge. The natural oil of your face and water excretion on your pores will make your foundation adapt to the natural complexion and smoothness of the skin thus, you will not look powdery. If your skin is really dry, Evian water spray will help. Spray a little amount of water to freshen up your skin. The water will moist your face so pat it with sponge to remove excess water.

With a dual foundation even if you get ultra mega super sweaty, the foundation will adapt to your skin. Besides, the main point of putting on foundation is to create an impression of a perfect skin. And the greatest mistake and the ugliest thing to happen is for your foundation to cake. You'll look fake. With a dual foundation, trust me, you'll never go wrong. Dual is oh so natural

Cherry Maning

Saturday, January 5, 2013

We're Back Soul Sisters!

We're back! Yes we are. I missed goofing around with my pretty, sexy, crazy, soul sister, Farah. It's been a busy holiday season for the both of us and so here we are catching up.

And although I'm peeling to the max, she made me go out to flaunt it to everyone at Abreeza. As always, we had so much fun.

She's wearing neons from Budget Barbie PH and I'm neutral and flat in my white Cotton On top, my favorite Black Mango Shorts, khaki cloth and leather combination bag from Charles and Keith and my new shoes, which is very comfortable and lite, and very affordable as well (P999.00)on sale that night, still from Charles and Keith.

I'm feeling entrep last night. I'm so excited to start my own business. I'm gonna need my stylist/successful businesswoman besh for this.

Oh by the way, my hair is back to extra long. It's a 22" human hair extensions full head set from Lynelle and I have to cut it and style it my own since it's too long. I am my own hairstylist and I invest in my hair so much.

More fashion picks, tips and advices for 2013! Do you like that? For make-up advices and other stuff you'd like me to feature, feel free to comment below!
Cherry Maning

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Parasailing in Davao

Unforgettable indeed. When I went to Boracay I was really hoping I could try parasailing but too bad I wasn't. Who would've thought I could find this right here in Davao? It's not so popular here unlike in Boracay. Actually, I've never seen such thing in our beaches not until last summer 2012.

Wind and Wave Davao gave me my first ever thrilling and super doooper exciting ocean adventure, parasailing. I'm very much thankful for the opportunity. It's one of the perks and privileges of being a segment host. I stayed up in the sky for long. Actually, the most heart-pounding part of the adventure was the releasing of the parachute from the boat. It's like your being thrown away and taken by the winds. Once you're up there, it's already calm and serene. Of course, you get to enjoy the scenery alone.

Our segment was also featured on national television for summer getaways. Perfect!

Cherry Maning

The Big Guy

Another reason to be happy this new year is a huge huge bear, an extraordinary gift I've received.

One big bear is enough for the princess to smile. Look.

He's so cuddly.. So huggable..
He is BIG TIME. He's huge. He's Boogie, my big love.
Believe me when I say he's bigger and even taller than me

Standing up.
I'm teaching him how to walk lol. Kidding.

Now you know how tall he is. :) if I'm 5'4" he's probably a 6 footer.
He's the new guy in my life. I just love my BOOGIE BEAR.
My brother's girlfriend also have the same bear. It was my brother's gift to her on their Anniversary.

Love. Love. Love


Cherry Maning

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Boracay Beach

Hi! This is me again doing some flashback and today I'll take you to my Boracay Escapade which happened last year.

I went there in April 2012. That was the first and last time I visited the place. I didn't enjoy that much because I wasn't able to try helmet diving, parasailing, etc. I was also emotionally unstable that time. Too bad I missed some ocean adventures that's why I want to visit Boracay again and hopefully, I'll  be with my siblings the next time for a more enjoyable trip.

I stayed at Hotel Soffia which is situated a bit far from civilization which was helpful because I needed a break. I just wanted to rest during that time.Though it's far from the stations, transportation is not a problem. The hotel has a shuttle service to drive you back and forth the beach and hotel. 

I loved staying at the hotel. It's peaceful and quiet and far from the hustle and bustle of the party places at the beachside. In the afternoon, I'll be at the infinity pool waiting for sunset.

My most unforgettable experience there was the Boracay Helicopter ride. I enjoyed the view of the whole island on top. Truly, breathtaking.

See? It's a paradise.

Hoping for a wonderful trip back to this place with my family. Wanna come with us? Don't worry I'll take you there too through my pictures.

Cherry Maning

Color of the Year: Emerald Green

Happy New Year!!! It's 2013! New year.. New life... New challenges! What's up guys? How did you spend your first day?

I went to work yesterday because on TV, there's no holiday break except during Holy Thursday and Good Friday. It's really cool guys because almost all of us were wearing green in all shades.

Green symbolizes the environment, also calmness and serenity. We all pray for a very good year ahead and to remain as the number one local morning newscast within our reach.

Thank you Karen Tay of Simple and Chic for our wonderful New Year Outfits. Indeed, we started with a BANG! God bless us all.

I just love my Una Ka Bai family.


Cherry Maning


Take pictures! lots of pictures...

What I've been up to since yesterday? I've been updating my instagram. I've seen other people's account (which I don't usually do by the way) and I think mine is so boring which is opposite to my exciting life. So I decided to frame pictures and add up some artistic effects so it'll become as lively as what i want it to be. Afterall, it's a reflection of my happy life.

My Instagram: @cherrymaning
#instagramming #instapic #instafame #igfame
I love taking pictures not (really) because I'm vain. Lol. Alright! Let's just say it's one of the reasons. But you see, I just love to capture every moment because it can never happen again. It's just amazing when we take pictures and look at those years after. It brings back lots of memories and emotions and etc. It's like stealing a moment of your life and locking it inside a drawer so you could revisit it anytime you want.

So here's a tip: while you're young, hot and sexy, take a lot of pictures... You just might lose all those when you grow. Seriously! ;)

When I grow old, I would really be proud to show my grandchildren how beautiful life is and how pretty grandma is when she was younger. Wouldn't you wanna do that also?

Looking at my old pictures in my timeline, I've seen the changes in my looks and body figure, improvement of my makeup skills and etc. Therefore, It's really helpful for review and comparisons so we can make conclusions and take some actions.

Publishing pictures online is also a practical way of saving space in my iPad and computer. Pictures really take lots of MB and it causes the software to slow down or lag. So there's Facebook and instagram for that.

Aside from the artistic effects you can add for your pictures to look great, you can use applications like Snapseed, iPhoto and Picasa for editing. For me these three are the best photo editors ever created. It's easy to use and it enhances my pictures.

If you have some time, visit my instagram and be part of my wonderful life!


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