Sunday, December 9, 2012

While Waiting...

After UKB and Flash Bulletin, it has already been my habit to take some outfit shots before going home. I'm also very much thankful for those who've developed the habit of viewing my blog every now and then.
And because of that, I'm giving away a Christmas gift to my lucky subscribers. First of all, since requests are overwhelming, I'm gonna make Fansigns to 10 lucky subscribers. I'm also thinking of giving away a noche buena package or maybe a sack of rice this Christmas :) I'm still figuring out what the mechanics should be. So be quick to know that ... I may be announcing it tomorrow or next week.

By the way, here are the pictures I failed to post.
Last last week before I went to Cebu. Feeling fresh and pretty.

Last Friday, oh my... I'm so stressed out.
I'm still praying for a wonderful month.
December pls pls pls...
Thanks Simple and Chic, the official sponsor of UKB.
Alright! Moving on, keep the numbers up and all your messages coming so that while waiting for my transport service home, I'll take many many pictures, give out some advices, etc. I'm truly inspired to post whenever I receive feedback, good or bad! :)
Lots of blog catching up to do. Hope you'll enjoy reading.
Merry Christmas in advance!
Cherry Maning

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