Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wallet vs. Cellphone

No wallet or no cellphone?
To translate...
No money or no honey?
Last Saturday, the amazing duo (me and Farah) went out to catch up. It's been a while since we both went out for a chat. Last week has been oh so tiring. We both needed a breather. But stress has been a best friend lately. She left her phone and I left my wallet. How did we managed to get along?
I shared my phone to her and she paid all the bills. Lol.
Outfit post:
This is what Farah calls the "Cheska" look.
Cheska Garcia is one of Farah's idols and she stalks her at instagram. Lol.
Anyway that's what fashionistas like Farah do, check out the trends and update her own portfolio of fashion and style.
This red necklace is her gift to me. Isn't she sweet? I love it so much.
Red goes well with royal blue. See?
Red necklace on a royal blue blouse ( F21 )
and red lips (Mac Ruby Woo)
is Royalty!
Pictures taken during our date last Saturday.
You can check out more of our photos at
It's her treat today because I left my wallet. That simply means no cash and no cards. She also sponsored my transpo.
Gelato! Fat free! Sweet but not sinful.
Wanna share?
We ended our day with a very relaxing
whole body Thai massage.
Cherry Maning

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